How To Win 1v2’s

How To Win 1v2’s


How To Win 1v2’s

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18 Responses

  1. CxrruptTV says:

    When I said “out of ammo in my mp5” I really meant; “Don’t have enough bullets in the mp5 for another full fight”
    Not an intentional lie D:

  2. Langi Animations says:

    No it doesn’t but nice play

  3. Jojo - says:

    no, you don’t deserve a follow, this is standard play. good job tho

  4. TheGamingSaiyan says:

    In my eyes, any warzone clip does not deserve a follow

  5. Nikiah Nikiah says:

    This guy’s voice reminds me of styropyro so much. Like I’m surprised he’s not showing me his new handheld laser tornado that pops black balloons from 215 meters away

  6. TEQ_F4ntom says:

    “I Don’t Have Ammo for My mp5.”

    Finishes First Kid after the Fight with the mp5

  7. cooler says:

    How did the fire the gun if he had no ammo

  8. BEX DEV - CREATIVE says:

    One more thing thats MORE exciting is not playing warzone and I’m happy I aint got it 🙂

  9. Asseaters Anonymous says:

    Just cause u got a lucky play don’t mean u worth watching consistently

  10. DJ Kihega says:

    This is above common play bruh 4REALZ…food job though

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