How to Write Faster

How to Write Faster

I’ll edit your college essay! 📝

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  1. Isyhamsam Vr says:

    Watching your content scares me a lot. I get all worried about my future, and if I’m too late to fix myself for college. But im hooked on how good your content is, I feel like I shouldn’t be watching your content because it wont help me, but i still love your content.

  2. Aryan Shahu says:

    Honestly that’s genius, writing TK as a short form of “to come”. Completely makes sense.

  3. Nyamhk | Art says:

    Khan: “There are two skills you should should strive to perfect”
    Me: “Oh, okay, great!”
    Khan: “Reading fast, and writing fast”
    Me: *cries in dyslexic*

  4. yogurt_sauce says:

    My whole essay is going to be full of TK

    • Susmita Basu says:

      When I was 5 I was given to write a para on the park in my locality. I didn’t have a park near me so I wrote about my garden.
      My teacher saw and read it next day and said she won’t give me parks for this.
      She said ‘ I am never going to give you marks
      Never gonna let you pass
      Never gonna run around for a job

      Bro you got rickrolled

    • NeverNeko says:

      @Susmita Basu 😟


      @Susmita Basu the difference between a garden and park ain’t that much big , that’s so sad to hear 😔

    • K_ongT says:

      @DR.MANOJ SINGH BHADORIYA It was a rickroll, lol


      @K_ongT I know but I guess you didn’t get my play along part

  5. Harshita Srivastava says:

    Honestly, that would just make me even more distracted. Instead, I just highlight the word in some way, so I know I want to change

  6. princess7jasmine says:

    Note: Be sure to highlight TK when you’re done with the essay and are editing the entire doc again and make sure you don’t miss any. By highlighting I meant ctrl-f

  7. Brandon Lim says:

    Three hours later.
    “Behold my 3 page essay, 50% of which is TK”

  8. Sandra Hi says:

    I do maths. Reading and writing are definitely not my priorities

  9. •~Mintea~• says:

    Whenever I lose ideas I just start writing “and this is why I hate my life” over and over again until I get a idea again, and surprisingly it works.

  10. Risky says:

    This taught me more than school

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