How Trump’s Charlottesville response emboldens white supremacy

How Trump’s Charlottesville response emboldens white supremacy

By refusing to take a side on the violence in Charlottesville, Trump has taken a side.

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20 Responses

  1. Kyrah Lottie says:

    I dont play into the media by saying he’s homophobic and racist or even a bigot I just think he is not fit to be a president because he is very unproffesional, dosent have impulse control, he lies constantly, and is a huge hypocrite

  2. Bob Ross says:

    White Nationalists=Retards
    Black supremacists=Retards
    White supremacists=Retards

    Everyone=Retards (Including me)

  3. Sparkla Iheoma says:

    The KKK killed, raped, beat, and hung thousands of innocent black people who just wanted to live in a country that hated them. They bombed churches and houses, killing children, but hey, keep saying how BLM is a dangerous terrorist group.

  4. Michael Carranza says:

    trump’s dad was in the KKK.
    It runs in the family protecting white supremacy.

  5. Wemal X says:

    I am socialist. Vox is socialist. People subscribed to Vox are socialist (or left wing) If you don’t like Vox, get out of here and go watch Fox News.

  6. SpongyKarma1 says:

    It’s getting really difficult to be a white dude nowadays…
    Everyone just naturally assumes I hate everyone else.

  7. Quarter2Doom says:

    Why is the media being so Soft, on Nazis’s? Seriously, even publications like the new your times have switched to calling them, “white nationalists” instead of, what they are. Racists, biggots, and white supremacists.

  8. Lasalle Jones says:

    WE NOT TALKING ABOUT BLM WE TALKING ABOUT TRUMP AND THESE FOOLISH RACIST SUPPORTERS! He talks about muslims but didn’t say anything about theses Nazis American who support Him are TRAITORS!

  9. Root Bryce says:

    One person drove their car into the crowd, not a group. This is what divides us, you blame a group, not a person. White surpremecy is certainly bad, but you’re putting the blame on the group that the attacker was part of, not the attacker himself. It’s not like anyone else on his side would’ve driven a car into a crowd, also. This is why there was only one car attack, not a hundred.

    Figure it out.

  10. KSJDbv says:


  11. Tom says:

    Trump’s behavior surprises you?
    Get your head out of your ass America

  12. BingBong says:

    triggered white trump voters

  13. Eric Chavez says:

    Great stance Vox. Now whenever a trump supporter does something evil in their personal lives, will just connect it to trump and blame him. Forget personal responsibility, the president is the all-knowing and all-doing puppet master of us all.

  14. Negan A7X says:

    BLM wrecked baltimore and other places and nobody bats an eye. And this happens, liberal’s going berserk. I’m not a supremacist but that’s what I see.

  15. Leo XC says:

    We elected a jackass as president..

  16. Josh Chung says:

    Vox is cancer

  17. SamuRight says:


  18. Gabriel_89_91 says:

    After looking at the comment section of LITTERALY every video regarding this issue, I can only feel EVEN better about being Canadian, you guys have a lot of issues with racism and it’s BAD.

  19. Political Heart says:

    I don’t think that the right was the ones out there throwing bags full of urine at the people…. it was ‘progressives’
    ……(cough! ….ahem….Commies)

  20. Louis Vetter says:

    “By not picking a side, you are picking a side”
    Vox 2017

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