how twitter verification works

how twitter verification works

what a good system
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Thank you to @sabrina abelina for her help with this video!

this is a video about when companies say they are launching an investigation. ok go watch it now.

Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God’s Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don’t know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it’s ok.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don’t stab people. I’ll see you later.

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84 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    please follow me on my corporate shill sellout twitter account: @Gusbuckets

  2. Brody Leber says:

    In loving memory of Eddy Burback; unverified but not forgotten.

    Edit: I am sorry. I fixed my mistake with spelling “In” and “Burback”. I fell victim to the sweaty grasp of autocorrect. I would like to formally apologize to all of the boys, including Gus and Eddy (rest in peace), for my actions. I will be doing an internal investigation on whether i should delete my YouTube account or not. Either way, don’t forget to like and hit that MF’in like button. Sincerely, Brody “Liqqy Sta” Leber.

  3. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun says:

    CallMeCarson trying to get verified in a Nutshell

  4. qq ww says:

    YES how come any random journalist is verified, yet other well known people aren’t? twitter is a definitely weird place lol

    • Greg Barbosa says:

      I was a tech “journalist” so even then it barely counted lol

    • jacesaces15 says:

      you think twitter is a weird place?!?! just wait until you discover the internet!

    • Kenneth Espinal says:

      @Randall Paquet not every organization is political. And most organizations, even ones that are political dont show bias as hard as twitter while pretending they have no bias.

    • Nathan Berry says:

      twitter is the worst social media and has been steadily declining in usership for almost a decade now, as it should

    • jellowithjesus says:

      A Heretic Gay Man To The Fanatic Cult of Liberalism Twitter is just weird, it’s not a political thing. You’ll find all types of scum on there,

  5. MADMAXATTAX hair says:

    At this point they’re just handing them out at random.

    • Rebuild of Eva is shit watch the original instead says:

      @X3C Which companies? Oreos with their rainbow colors? They’re doing shit, people just forget or don’t really care other than complaining in social media for two days. What else are they going to do, ask them to pay more taxes and raise wages like Sanders? Conservatives are the most submissive demographic against corporations, they just follow blind corporativism like they’ve been told all their life because anything else is “communism”. You can’t really fight a corporation with a conservative mindset. That’s why companies pretend to be progressive in ads, because liberals are not naturally procorporation like conservatives are, and they need to appeal to them to avoid criticism and protests. It’s an strategy that is working pretty well tbf.

    • Rebuild of Eva is shit watch the original instead says:

      @X3C Think strategically. If you’re a greedy self interested corporation, who do you prefer to dislike you? A bunch of conservatives that will just complain about liberals in media, or a bunch of liberals who can be convinced by leftists that corporations are bad and they should pay taxes and let unions in? I don’t have any doubt

    • Rebuild of Eva is shit watch the original instead says:

      @X3C Besides, non voters are a massive part of the population, and those also buy Oreos and Nike shoes. Non voters lean more liberal, in my opinion. So, demographically speaking, the US is probably more liberal in racial and LGTB issues than what elections could suggest. So, more money if you’re Apple and pretend to be liberal while commiting massive fraud. Trump is just dumb and he lets Tim Cook get away with a small factory in the US that’s mostly PR.

    • Da interlektul says:

      If youre Left you get a check mark

    • Da interlektul says:

      @Rebuild of Eva is shit watch the original instead People who can think for themselves should see the fucking ludicrous mess the left have become.

      No way any rational person goes for all the censorship, & bullshit they come out wit “everythings rasciat,sexist/needs to be cancelled”

      But most of these college kids lack critical rhinking & just want to go with the crowd. I blame social media & corrupt msm.

  6. Charlie S says:

    Glad to see a new face in the youtube comedy industry. Hope “journalist” makes it one day

  7. Jbeg Aurand says:

    Should have gotten a cameo from famous sportscaster Gus Johnson.

  8. L Lawliet says:

    The article that kid wrote is certainly better than anything actual blue checkmark journalists could produce.

    • Chlamydia Cockburn says:

      I get my news from the trees. They talk if you’re gentle and are connected to all other trees on the globe, so you can imagine how diverse the information can be. Still, you have to be careful when fact checking, because some trees are spiteful and will lie. That’s not to say that all tree news is wrong, just some of it. Most trees are very honest and trustworthy. The occasional screams can become overwhelming, but that’s to be expected.

    • harpercrafts says:


    • Babar Head says:

      @Optic64654 how dare you sir

    • Philip Seitz says:

      Bane what?? Dude have you read any articles? If I had a drop of water every time a “journalist”wrote a rant piece. I could make my own ocean. It’s not the journalists job to feed people opinions. There meant to give people facts. If they did there job there wouldn’t be—
      Insane crime rates in democratic cities
      Hillary would be in jail
      Thousands of people would still be alive
      The corona virus lock down would have ended 6 weeks earlier
      Government Health care would be abolished
      Obama would have been impeached
      Anti Gun rights activists wouldn’t be trying to ban assault rifles (when 99% of firearm murder is done with pistols)
      Mass shootings would have ended years ago (but they still happen because “journalists” make celebrities out of the shooter, broadcasting about them for weeks and immortalizing there name in history)

      Real Journalists are super rare. And I mean SUPER rare. Everyone has an agenda these days and will only show you what they want you to know.

    • Nightwatching - says:

      TyetheRebel yeah not like all those Fox News and white hose correspondents right? Right? RIGHT? RIGHT???!??

  9. SNEAKO says:

    These skits are activism

  10. Dumbledore Calrissian says:

    I’m going to write an article about this and get myself verified.

  11. Pranav Julakanti says:

    This is the wildest like to dislike ratio I’ve ever seen!

  12. Charlie Wednesday says:

    Yeah, but let’s take a moment to celebrate that Seth Everman finally got verified this year

  13. Pranav Julakanti says:

    There are so few dislikes, I’ll bet you they’re all verified Twitter journalists lmao

  14. Monkeyojacko says:

    “What your not verified? I’m so sorry, we can’t be friends.”

    • Pojel Videos says:

      Well obviously not, your friends would already be verified. Did you pay any attention to the video?

  15. TheRealSullyG says:

    I hate how accurate this is

  16. Macho Fantastico says:

    Twitter looks exactly how I imagine they would.

  17. Pluck says:

    I wrote a BuzzFeed article about how smearing nutella on your eyelids adds ten years to your lifespan. Verification, please!

  18. Bobby Duke Arts says:

    Gus, I had no idea you were a journalist.

  19. Joshua Jones says:

    The johnsons finally ran out of brothers so they kidnapped a kid and took him to an abandoned forest

  20. brownguy903 says:

    The little kid getting verified was a solid joke but it really hit with “give em to all your friends”

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