How Tyler Perry Gave Back to George Floyd’s Family Ahead of Memorial Service

How Tyler Perry Gave Back to George Floyd’s Family Ahead of Memorial Service

ET’s Kevin Frazier was in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the funeral for George Floyd took place.

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86 Responses

  1. justin junker says:

    So how about David Dorn and his life as he lay bleeding out on the floor? I guess his black life didn’t mater,

    • Beatrix Dantly says:

      According to Biden, he’s most likely “not black” because he doesn’t support Biden.

    • tae simp says:

      @Teresa Hemphill absolutely agree 100% folks are missing the big picture hear …lets stay focus people!

    • bzflowerbee says:

      No one cares because he was a police. People hate police. David is now in a better place.

    • cipherP9 says:

      Using a cop’s death as a leverage to your argument and not caring for the man one bit, you are one sick fuck. Personally I know cops & soldiers sign up for their line of work and they know the risk. Sad outcome for the cop but it’s part of his job to make that sacrifice. It’s more of a travesty when someone is not putting themselves at risk and a cop kills a person they had secured.

    • cipherP9 says:

      You guys are idiots, not every case will be heard & get reached. Do you think everyone with cancer gets help from cancer foundations and movements? No, they only reach out to people they hear about. Also the family of policemen tend to have great benefits if they die on duty. 1 cop could get almost $1 million dollars in benefits.

  2. Donna Darrah says:

    America is Hurting We need Peace & Healing for All # Human Race= 1 = ❤️🌈Rainbow of All Colors in a Pot 🤗

    • G Q says:

      @iwantabeetle but there would be tribalism. Brown skin does not make us kin

    • iwantabeetle says:

      @Donna Darrah you’re obviously from Africa though, black people are from Africa…

    • Eltha Alexander says:

      What will be the out come after this that young man just lost his life just so does they hanging in the states

    • Donna Darrah says:

      iwantabeetle Yes My Ancestors are from Africa that’s my root like I said the 1st time obviously U don’t comprehend last time addressing U SMDH …

    • iwantabeetle says:

      @Donna Darrah you’re in someone’s else’s country!

  3. Nonye Ike Reed says:

    That man didn’t deserve to die just like that 😥

    • Linda says:

      @tae simp So many people on here justifying Murder..its Sickening..There are good cops out there, and those ones are condemning what their fellow offices did, they call it as they saw it,It was Murder…

    • William Gene says:

      He also didn’t need to rob a black woman at gun point either

    • Biblical Adrian says:

      Nobody deserves to die like that but he did so that’s life for you.

      Not gonna defend a criminal on each side

    • Cribb says:

      @Linda yes it was murder. There’s no perfect profession. Dr’s kill people.. Should we go rioting every time a Dr kills someone? Your a sheep and following what’s fashionable. Its pathetic. Its the victim mentality of black people. So your research and you’ll realise that more white people are killed by police officers

    • Bryan Young says:

      @Linda your right but what about the innocent babies that are murdered every day just because they was an accident or inconvenience no one stands up for and they are the definition of innocent they have no way to protect or defend there self they can’t raise a hand or their voice they haven’t robbed no one they haven’t taken drugs they haven’t cheated at anything and never showed a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly use profanity at the top of their lungs where’s the voices crying out in anger for the injustice that’s applied to them I think I know what you’re thoughts like a lot of people’s reply would be oh that’s different and Iwould bet if you ask a lot of those people they would say they’re Christians l mean you as a speaker of the house Nancy pelosi she’s a Christian and she prays for people

  4. Noahsark Gebrihiwet says:

    We can’t keep living like this. Enouph must be enouph by 2020.

    • l a says:

      Nat hand RICH how was Trump a good president

    • Richard Kennard says:

      Something that Obama nor any other of the Democrats have been inclined to do criminal justice reform. The only thing you have ever gotten from Joe Biden Pelosi, and Schumer is a handful of empty promises. Not saying Trump is better just saying I see why. By the way Biden backed segragationists and helped pass the act that made crack worse than coke in the eyes of the law which directly hurt black Americans more. This is all recorded and in his own words no manipulation he was quite proud of it. You can still vote for him but let’s be clear a vote for Biden is a vote for white supremacy if you go by ones actions.

    • Fluffy Pants says:

      l a he is a good president

    • Sav808 says:
      Let’s #conquertogether

    • Rob Luciano says:

      Go Trump sort out the Anarchy

  5. Jerry Huang says:

    Give to David Dorn’s family.

  6. P Rex says:

    David Dorn’s family doesn’t have a 13 million dollar go fund me. Murdered by rioters.

    • Cecil Due says:

      @GrnEyez there you go, that makes sense alot sense

    • Bob Dole says:

      He was killed by his black brethren. His life doesn’t matter to them 😞

    • cipherP9 says:

      After death, a cop’s family receive almost a million dollars in benefits, depending on the state it might greatly exceed a million dollars. They’ll pay for the kids college education and everything. Tragic story but cops have support as soon as they die, they get a heroes burial and everything. As a cop, his death doesn’t stand out more or less important than any other cops, they all take the same risk.

    • Sam Rust says:

      Angel 1973 I wish we all could love everyone like God does.

    • Nathaniel GReennagh says:

      @Michael Beaming your here like you care, foh my guy.

  7. Silver Girl says:

    Why has everyone forgotten about the young man who got shot for jogging? Both are travesties.

    • My Peep's says:

      @Private Person she was white read the sign ! Get out there with a sign that says white lives matter you will get beat
      Totally Discussed !

    • Saunsiaray Broussard says:

      Silver Girl: FYI We haven’t forgotten about Ahmaud Arbery or anyone else who has been killed! That’s why there are protests going on all over! This was George Floyd’s funeral! It was nice of Mr. Tyler Perry to do what he did for the family of George Floyd and Rev. Al Sharpton!

    • Stanley Sidorowicz says:

      What a shocker. Jews are using the George Floyd murder to attack White people.

    • Sean says:

      Speak for yourself. No one black that I know forgot. You sound like you’re projecting to be honest

    • Steve Witte says:

      And nobody knows about the white man killed in Dallas by 6 cops.

  8. blownout blowhole says:

    Ahh the methane gang strikes again

  9. Hatter Mad says:

    I wish someone would give to David Dorn family a real hero that was killed

  10. Bryce Chester says:

    2020 is a beginning of a new decade and it has been a very emotional rollercoaster

  11. Aussie girl says:

    Peaceful protests get respect not looting and smashing up peoples lively hoods, their criminals.

    • Joi Williams says:

      Every protestor was not a looter. Every looter was not a protestor. Nice try though.

    • Sam Rust says:

      Joi Williams shut up Joi. You know this protest at night is out of control. It funny how some of you people think it’s so horrible what they did to that criminal which I agree but its ok for some of the protesters to kill innocent black & white people. If there wasn’t a protest then there wouldn’t be any riots.

  12. Truth Reigns Forever says:

    I love Tyler Perry and I don’t even know the guy. He’s a cool dude ☝️😎

  13. rose barrett says:


  14. D F says:

    The cop and Floyd worked at the same restaurant for 17 YEARS!! Doesn’t anyone else think that is at all suspicious?

  15. Cynthia Robles says:

    dont use this to start looting too

    • Wise Me says:

      All the looting were paid by another party to join the crowd to start the destruction. Look up video where police preparing bricks for them…

  16. Jeremy Booher says:

    I wanna send my Prayers, Love, and Support to the Family of George Floyd.

    • Michael Beaming says:

      Don’t forget that other black man David Dorn who was murdered in cold blood by blacks stealing tv’s……

  17. A P says:

    Damn, they getting played

  18. Jacob Dawson says:

    Celebs finally coming out once everything dies down and low risk.

  19. Quang Pham says:

    When you destroy your country, people around you are waiting to laugh at you and you prepare to cry!

  20. Margot C says:

    I love Tyler Perry. He helps more often than most that are in his position. God bless him and his family!

    • Linda C says:

      He is always helping out here in Atlanta, along with TI and Killer Mike.

    • hunter pope says:

      He was thug who died a thug

    • Joyce Woodruff says:

      @hunter pope those that are in authority are to do things RIGHT. They swear in saying they will do it. How them cops did that man was not right. Everybody knows it. It could be your family member.

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