How Walgreens/CVS Workers Be When They See Each Other

How Walgreens/CVS Workers Be When They See Each Other

bro am I the only one thinking they be beefing ?

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62 Responses

  1. yee yee haw says:

    i swear desmond always mad in these skits??

  2. EliDropEmOff says:

    I swear rdc never lack on cracking me up??

  3. Beavis Scott says:

    Fedex and ups drivers never nod at each other passing by in Maryland frfr ??‍♂️

  4. Lewis Williams says:

    Shop rite: WASSUP!?
    Stop n shop:?

  5. Emilio Vargas says:

    bruh You should do an O’reilly auto parts vs autozone. we be talking smack about them all the time lol

    • greenghost2212 says:

      They do though lol. I’m in Chicago and went to an orileys and they said I must have took my shit to auto zone ?.

  6. LILRyan Kyle says:

    Imagine seeing two niggaz beefin outside of cvs/walgreens and u just tryna get that high value methamphitamine

  7. Dwann Thomas says:

    First 5 secs had me dead..
    “Aye whats up!?!?”

  8. meetcarter says:

    Could you imagine driving by and seeing this ??

  9. Kyle Yang says:

    Bruh I work at Walmart and Ben San said great value ASS nibbas?

  10. JoJa says:

    I could hear how loud Mark was yelling from the thumbnail ?

  11. schmoyoho says:

    felt like my town was getting roasted by this video, then remembered that this is every single town in the U.S. getting roasted

    A+ 10/10, felt united with humankind and all we have in common, will watch again ???

  12. T'mo says:

    Who’s going to cross the street first… find out next time on the next episode of dragon ball pharmaceutical wars!

  13. O9Tangie says:

    When that damn camera panned out to show they was across the street from each other ! ????

  14. Mr Beast says:

    He said our shit is Government- approved tho” ????

  15. Epic GamerZ says:

    What if actual workers came out too during this skit?

  16. markjmarkjack says:

    Advanced Auto VS AutoZone
    O’Riley’s: *Ahem*
    NAPA: “Am I a joke to you?”

  17. GRAY WOLF says:


  18. The Jboy says:

    Bro when they got the co-workers involved I was done ????

  19. Mahmud Joubi says:

    The only thing I understand from this is “what’s up”…
    And I love every second of it

  20. DefMekken says:

    Imagine being an actual employee inside the store and actually seeing these dude screaming at each other ?

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