How War in Ukraine is Destroying Russia

How War in Ukraine is Destroying Russia

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54 Responses

  1. Flying Tigers says:

    I’m 58. My Polish grandfather escaped conscription into the Russian Czar’s army by shoveling coal on a steamship to the U.S. His subsequent life as an Appalachian coal miner gave me the life I enjoy today. Thank you, _Dziadek._

  2. Karl Beckmann says:

    It’s WILD how you can see the rippling effects of WW2 through their demographics. Population charts can say a lot about a nations past and future.

    • Туркаган Азиахан says:

      надоо полностью сломать пирамиду нигерии и бангладеш

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @SapCK I think in the end russia would win the war, but it would taken more war victims and more time

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @sesa sesic not 95%
      it is more like 20% support the war, 20% against the war. the other are swinging majority, which supports everything in the “get off of me” manner. besides the support skewed to older people, youth mostly against this shit

    • marbin b says:

      @Danielle Isabella Banyard mmkkkkkkkbp

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @Ole not most of them. ww2 was much more devastated for russians and Ukrainians. it was even worse for Belarus, as it was partially repopulated by russians after the war.
      Stalin regime executed not more than a million people, apart famine. around 1.5 mln and 3.5 mln were dead due to famine 1931-1933 in Russia and Ukraine.
      during the war 8 mln of Soviet soldiers died, mostly Russians, then Ukrainians and the Belarusians. 20-30 mln of civilians. the war was much more devastating for both Ukraine and Russia, though it is not an excuse for the Stalin regime

  3. pcread says:

    Finally someone explaining the WWII echoes in demography. Most other youtubers that even mention the population pyramids overlook this huge and recurring factor.
    Excellent video.

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @TuFace Killa we are focused ever since the war. but the empire demands sacrifices, so it will never recover. the empire must die first, then we may figure it out

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @Hazzmati ww2 echo was strengthened with the collapse of the union

    • Meridian says:

      Putin’s hatred and total envy of the West is destroying Russia

    • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator says:

      Cultured Anime Waifu [Russian Waifu], “waifus” are going to be Russia’s top export soon if they let Putin keep up this nonsense.

    • 𝑨𝒏𝑻𝒓𝒊𝒅𝒊𝒐𝒏 says:

      @Cultured Anime Waifu [Russian Waifu] Ukraine owns you kid 🇺🇦

  4. Timothy Foster says:

    Understanding birth rates and population grown/contraction is a great barometer for an economic impact on a country (helped me get into Carnegie Melon) . I love the stats used in understanding this conflict, another great piece!

    • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator says:

      Max Jacoby, a barometer is a type of indicator and if you understand the concept of metaphors and aren’t irrationally literal then “barometer” is actually the more colorful prose and arguably a more advanced application of the English language.

    • BatCaveOz says:

      @Max Jacoby Sports Commentator – “Things are really heating up”
      Max Jacoby – “Heat is quality associated with temperature, not sports”
      Everybody else – “Are you familiar with the words Asinine or Pedantic?

    • BatCaveOz says:

      Timothy – (helped me get into Carnegie Melon)
      Me – Weird flex, but OK

    • Kev says:

      @baran beytemur Who China? Idk dude, China probably has the 2nd or 3rd worst demographics in Asia and probably top 5 in the world, and they haven’t even finished developing. And they’ve already reached their peak on top of generations of conditioning of one child and the massive push towards education, which can be a baby decline machine. At least Japan and South Korea are fully developed.

      Edit: This overall will take decades, but the government better do something fast.

    • baran beytemur says:

      @Kev they will face the same problems yes but theres plenty of time until that happens

  5. EF3CD says:

    the fact that russia more or less shares a border with norway and the US is actually mind boggling and gives you an idea about their massive scale.

    • Jx W says:

      And connects to North Korea and a bunch of other countries too

    • BarbaTimTim says:

      and its even more funny If you imagine that russia before the war had about an economy as the state of texas or italy 😂😂😂

    • Jason Lee says:

      @Лу Си Лан It depends how much the oceans rise. The most important geographies are near large bodies of water. Even in the USA almost every major city is near a major port. This trend will continue even after oceans rise.

    • John Smith says:

      @Dally Singhson talking about USA again?

    • John Smith says:

      @Red Planet wow are you a flat earther too? Its just not a planet anymore, its too small. It exists 😆

  6. Noel Muñiz says:

    “1923. The worst time in history to have ever been born a male.”
    Holy shit. Those death rate numbers are mind boggling !

    • Ale Gro says:

      @John Smith im miserable? What makes u think that?

    • Ale Gro says:

      @Karen Wang u have got to be fukin kidding me… u dont actually believe that..
      Oh ur name is Karen. U actually believe that shit.

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @J my russian grandpa was born in 1906 and died 2004. yeah he was a legendary asshole for anyone excluding me.

    • Karen Wang says:

      It’s not. Males have traditionally always had it better than women, so if 1923 was bad for them, imagine just how horribly the Russian women had it.

    • John Smith says:

      @Ale Gro lol okay dude. The amount of self harm and mental contortion you go through to make yourself miserable, scared, and worse off is amazing.

  7. Marie John says:

    “I don’t believe ads should be shown alongside suffering and tragedy”, literally one of the reasons why you’re among the best YouTubers. I listen to true crime sometimes and hearing an ad play while someone is telling a story about the loss of lives is devastating and only causes people to become more desensitized to violence and tragedy.

  8. TAV says:

    Ireland has taken about 170 years for its population to recover to the same level it was prior to the potato famine, so extreme population losses can be felt for a long time.

    • Yellow PapriCorn says:

      @David Ford “luckily” current conflict is not that bad. besides I don’t believe russians have strong military feelings given how outnumbered are refuges comparing with the mobilized

    • Jon says:

      EU population is not rising at all, that why van der leyen asked for more immigration, without new people to feed the system, the social ponzi security scheme can’t stand for long.

    • David Ford says:

      I suspect Demographers in the future are going to note the similarities between the Irish Potato Famine, WW2 on the Soviet Republics, and the current conflict in Ukraine.

    • DunkZanatoR says:

      @Jason Lee Ed Sheerans grandmother is Irish so you’re nearly right lol

    • TAV says:

      @Andy Absolutely, it’s just starting to approach where it was pre-famine, but if it hadn’t happened at all then it might well have over 20m people today which it probably won’t for at least another 100 years if it gets there at all before declining birthrates start causing the population to fall again.

  9. Thomas Sayman says:

    For our American friends (myself included) that would be like paying about 19,000 USD to fly from Houston TX to Pittsburgh PA.

  10. TOPSPOT says:

    My 92 year old grandfather said in February, when the Russian convoy formed in Belarus, that he’d have fleed Russia (and Ukraine) back then. Even without money or resources, it beats the alternative. You can always come back, but you can’t always leave.

    Hopefully I’ll never be faced with that decision, but if I am, I’ll take his advice!

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