How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

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Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY

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88 Responses

  1. The Exoplanets Channel says:

    *Great video! I recommend watching the movie ‘Moon’*

    • Robb says:

      Moon is legit one of my favourite movies. That film hit me hard the first time I saw it. So masterfully done, and such a small production too. My biggest concern about colonizing the moon irl is the decisions Companies or Governments would make solely based around profit. I feel like space colonization is gunna be a very grey field until we get our current model of excessive and corrupt money grabbing out of the way.

    • Tony Holland says:

      Moon is fantastic, as is this video! I never knew the idea of mining Helium 3 (as mentioned here) was based in reality!

    • Charles LeDerp says:

      Is it about the moon? 🤔

    • daithifleming says:

      The movie with the bog standard sci fi ending.

    • gracefool says:

      It’s a brilliantly executed short story. Everything a good Sci-fi story should be, with high technology and realistic AI, but really all about humanity.

  2. Sorenkair says:

    come on germany, we know you deserve that spot. cough up.

    but seriously, I would die happy if I could live to see humanity leave the solar system.

    • Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson says:

      There is just the problem of travel. We can’t travel at the speed of light nor 99.99% of the speed of light because E=mc^2.

    • Artem2034 says:

      That being said, it may even takes us 3 centuries or longer before colonizing the entire solar system. Its not really the issue of our current or future technology, it’s mostly because of the limitations of our universe. Even traveling with the speed of light, it would take us a year to reach the border of our system, as far as I know and if our current understanding of the universe is correct, it’s impossible to travel faster than light.

    • Riesenfriese says:

      The next star system is 4 light years away. If you ask them if they are doing well you get the answer 8 years later.

    • Bruce Boom says:

      the moon is inside our solar system

    • geo whatcher says:

      what about super speed of light or hyper speed? or time limp of light i don know many things

  3. P2M says:

    Ehm, wouldn’t a child being born in a lower gravity have negative consequences?

    • Arkaid D says:

      My thoughts exactly. While a child conceived and raised on the moon might be able to grow there, his bone structure and muscle tone would be severely impacted. He would be unable to visit Earth, lest he be crushed by the gravity there.

      Even with an exoskeleton to support his frame, his lungs would probably collapse under Earth’s crushing atmosphere.

    • Narcalis says:

      You not wrong. Uncontrolled growth will appear, weakened muscles, and DNA editing for humans have not been approved for humans yet either. Children retuning to earth will mostly likely have increased chances of death than normal since no immunity have been devolved and gravity would affect them a lot.

    • Shookoo says:

      A child conceived on the moon probably more so.

    • Shaylock Holmes says:

      P2M If they figure out how to make artificial gravity it MIGHT be ok

    • Krömface says:

      Considering that in order for humans to live on the Moon to begin with would require a pressurized environment that’ll simulate the Earth’s, I highly doubt that the air pressure here at home would be the problem. Gravity is going to be the biggest change

  4. kktori says:

    This is so exciting!! We really are in the future!! Like how can I help? I just want to contribute. I feel like if every person had the knowledge of physics and the universe that our scientists have (and I believe that’s possible) not only would folks be way more excited to fund these revolutionary projects but we could all come together and build new technology and a new world. We already have the technology, we just need to prioritize and stop spending money on things that don’t matter. Like paying sports stars billion dollar salaries. Meanwhile our teachers are out here making next to nothing, don’t even have the resources to teach correctly and efficiently. Still forced to teach the same old-fashioned way. Constantly losing motivation and enthusiasm. I know the two sources of money are different but clearly something is wrong with the way humans (sponsors and companies) prioritize. I’m 22 and just now figuring all this out about the world. Now I’m trying to figure out what I can do to help society be better. We’re wasting time. We could conquer the galaxy in no time!

    • Ahmad Assassa says:

      It’s a lot more complicated to do these things. Our bodies weren’t built for a planet with different atmosphere or gravity. A ‘human’ baby can’t just be born on the moon with 0 health defects, let alone even survive to be born.
      Maybe in the future, once our technology improves and we discover new laws that can help us come close to this thought.
      There’s just way too many biology and physical problems with this idea, although I will agree that it’s an exciting thought.
      Who knows, maybe I’m just wrong and I don’t know my facts LOL!

    • Ahmad Assassa says:

      Also another thing I’d like to quickly touch on about the comment of teachers getting paid little and stars getting paid a lot.
      In my opinion it’s a very weak argument.
      In simple and quick terms. Supply and demand. There’s high demand for a certain star because he/she is only 1, there’s only 1 Lebron James, 1 Brad Pitt, 1 Kobe Bryant, you get the point. However there are 10s of 1000s of teachers that exist. And YES the best teachers are paid handsomely, because they are in high demand and in limited supply.
      There are teachers who are underpaid yes, but there’s also stars who are underpaid.

    • Mathias Fraenkel says:

      It will never happen, be a realist for a few moments

    • Goose Games says:

      id volunteer to be sent out to space but im too stupid

    • Bryce Doan says:

      +Lucas Martin lmao Jesus buddy get on tinder or something, YouTube comment sections aren’t the best place to pick up chicks in your hand crafted spaceship to spend a lifetime with on the moon.

  5. Sokuloa says:

    Beautiful. To think that we wouldn’t have satellites, cell phones, or even velcro without going into space first is enough reason to push innovation even further.

    • Alex says:

      To go into space was and still is important but to bring people into space or to the moon has not really benefited anyone and neither will a moonbase. Would a moonbase lead to
      the development of technologies which we could use on earth as well? Sure. But it would be much more effective to develop such technologies directly instead of investing billions into something without practical use in the hope that some byproducts might be usable for people on earth as well.
      IMO, we should wait with the colonisation of space until we have decent AI so we can send robots to the moon or Mars or Titan who will not be as fragile or depend on food or water. as humans are. Such Robots could actually build colonies pretty fast.

    • Mathias Fraenkel says:

      Yeah, but it is not going to happen

    • Sokuloa says:

      All valid points, but waiting for vastly more intelligent AI to be developed in the next several years drives me and millions of other impatient people crazy. It would be very difficult to have “directly” innovated the technologies we have today that we obtained from simply going into space. Creating a settlement on another celestial body is much greater step forward and would definitely lead to some amazing innovations that we might never make otherwise. Considering hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on defense alone in the USA, it would make sense to devote a small portion of that budget into a type of project that has greatly benefited us before.

  6. thorjelly says:

    The thing is, basically every single one of these reasons to build a moon base are cheaper and easier if you just make an orbital colony instead. The biggest problem with a lunar colony is cosmic radiation, which this video unfortunately glanced over. The only reason people can live in ISS for extended periods of time is because they are still within Earth’s magnetic field. With an orbital colony you can also utilize centrifugal force to simulate earth gravity. And there’s no gravity well to waste resources on to ship items into earth or space. And whether you’re in an orbital colony or a lunar one, you’ll want to utilize resources from asteroids, so there isn’t even much additional benefit from the access of the resources on the Moon’s surface.

    tldr; an orbital colony is going to happen much, much sooner than a lunar colony, if there ever will be a lunar colony.

    • Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson says:

      Hva’ så Kaj, hvor har du gjort af Andrea?

    • Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

      You could theoretically create a magnetic field large enough to surround a lunar colony, it’d require a lot of power to keep running though, but if nuclear fusion is ever achieved, powering an electromagnet powerful enough to create a magnetic field surrounding a small colony will be a piece of cake. Orbital colonies are more expensive to maintain as they are extremely hard to be self-sustainable, they’d have to be huge and that costs a lot.

    • Kaj says:

      +Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson Jeg har sendt hende til månen uden dragt på. Nu kan jeg endelig sidde her ved bredden på min sø uden at blive forstyrret.

    • Shookoo says:

      Caves tho.

    • Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson says:


  7. Flame Caster says:

    My bird was in this video😄🐦

  8. L. Willis says:

    Man, the military budget of the USA alone is more than 600 billions per year. I always wonder what could be achieved if people would stop trying to kill each other and use all of this money for stuff like this.

  9. Alice C says:

    Imagine being the first extra-terrestrial kid… 😮🌌👽

  10. Heyy says:

    2:39 “we’re good at doing hard things” ha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)… I feel like my comment is horribly inappropriate for this type of video.

  11. Ethan F says:

    The first girl born on the moon MUST be named Luna.

  12. WhatAreYouBuyen says:

    We’re going to have to figure out a way to prevent illegal aliens from landing on the moon base, I think a space wall could work.

  13. ParaNEra says:

    Restored faith and hope in humanity in nine minutes and ten seconds

  14. Ajax says:

    Elon is right. WHY DON’T WE HAVE A MOON BASE ALREADY!?!?

    • Robo Satan says:

      1. Elon Musk wants a Martian colony, not a lunar base.
      2. Because politics and economics prevent it. It’s possible, but probably not by any standard organisation. NASA is basically done with manned missions, I doubt any governments would be crazy enough to invest in it (and the ones who could afford it have better things to do like fund an army or create a dictatorship) and no companies, with the sole exception of SpaceX, have both the resources and the will to do anything like it.

    • Kayla Miku says:

      Because humanity is stupid

    • Isomer Soma says:

      Musk wants to skip the moon and i think thats an error.

    • Maracachucho says:

      +Robo Satan Trump might.

    • Mathias Fraenkel says:

      No one wants to pay for it, and governments at least never will

  15. SDG Danny says:

    Born too late to explore the earth, born to early to explore the galaxy.

  16. Muttface says:

    I saw that Weyland-Yutani logo 😉

  17. DahnsHeart says:

    That’s very cool but your gounds is largely supposition. “New technology” what if they don’t find one ? “New experimentation” are they really more valuable up there ? “Private corporation” oil price is still rising, gotta be hard to fuel a rocket. “Isothope who may provide cheap energy” so did thorium and now it’s still here.
    And you don’t take consideration of the low gravity. Human need to spend 2 hours a day to train. Ok. But a child ? A newborn ? No way. Colonie would have to be giant hamster wheels to generate artificial gravity, piece of cake isn’t…
    I don’t say we can’t, I say there is too much hypothesis to be really optimist. The space elevator would be an absolute revolution, we could send rocket half empty then fuel them up there, it would be awesome. But space is even more hostile than you describe

  18. Oskar Smaliński says:

    This will sound pessimistic but everything that could be mined on the moon can be mined on earth for a fraction of the cost. Another factor is human health, we are not made for living anywhere but earth. Low or no gravity deteriorates our bones, our bodies loose shape because of liquid distribution, radiation causes mutations. All this would eventually turn humans living on such a colony (mars or the moon) into a different species. I understand working and returning to earth as a financial incentive but besides that, who would want to live in such a colony? (not to mention raising kids) It must be like living in an underground bunker, forever in air conditioning, never being able to go outside and appreciate the sounds, smells and views of nature. Only a window to look back on our beautiful green & blue sphere. I guess it won’t be an option after we destroy it

    • I'm beachedwhale1945 says:

      Oskar Smaliński The mining cost is only expensive using current technology and systems. The lack of a logistics base makes the project extremely expensive. Once you have that logistics base, the production cost will continue to drop. Perhaps not everything will become cheaper than terrestrial production, but enough will that a self sufficient colony is possible financially, thus companies will jump in looking for profits (and without that a moon base will eventually fail).

      As for living anywhere but earth, you may want to look at how astronauts currently live. Low gravity is an easy fix, as is liquid distribution. and radiation shielding is abundant in lunar soil. As for turning into a different species, dog breeds are all considered a single species, and there will be far more similarities in this case.

      As for who would want to live there, go look at the navy. The living conditions are near identical except to go outside you need a suit, and a submarine covers that too. Many cities don’t have nature in any meaningful quantity, so are broadly similar. People exist with the mental ability to live in those environments, so there will be no issues about volunteers. Anyone who can’t will be weeded out in training, which involves living in underwater habitats for extended periods.

    • Mathias Fraenkel says:

      +I’m beachedwhale1945 you sure sound like an expert on what will happen with something that hasn’t happened yet and probably never will, I wonder how full of shit you are

    • Bendix Cork says:

      N A T U R A L S E L E C T I O N

    • Shookoo says:

      However, if we can overcome these challenges, its a greater chance we’ll be able to overcome to challenges of colonising Mars and other E.T bodies.

    • gracefool says:

      Oskar the value of a moon base (and asteroid mining) is for building things in space. It could be cheaper to do that than transport materials up from Earth. It says this in the video.

  19. Mihir Nepal says:

    The sad thing is that Nasa’s budget is less than 14 billion and none of this is allocated to a spacefaring civilisation. The US military on the other hand has a budget of over 600 billion, three times the budget of China. I wonder what we could have achieved if Nasa’s budget was that high.

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