How We Faked Keanu Reeves Stopping a Robbery

How We Faked Keanu Reeves Stopping a Robbery

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Take a look behind the scenes of the crew’s most ambitious deep fake yet: Keanu Reeves.

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49 Responses

  1. FewFriesShort says:

    Wow. Even though I’ve watched your deepfake stuff, I completely fell for your Keanu Reeves video.

    • Bubba DUGOthesavage says:

      FewFriesShort same bro

    • dion one says:

      To be honest both of the deepfakes looked „OK“. It was obviously fake. And for sure wasn‘t „jawdropping“ like they said.

    • Dj Lydon says:

      The voice is what have it away

    • FewFriesShort says:

      When I go back and rewatched it’s obvious. But my mind did not even consider deep fake when I watched it. It’s such a new concept for me I didn’t consider it I just assumed it was Keanu being great at marketing his name

    • Charlie Digital says:

      They’re nowhere near as good as controlshiftface or whatever that channel is. This stuff is full of uncanny valley. Wonder why they tend and he doesn’t

  2. Rudy Schuepbach says:

    “I plug my harddrive into the motherboard right?”
    “You MONSTER!”

    • KaboomLaboom99 l says:

      He’s right though? Or did I miss the joke? I think I got wooooshed but oh well

    • Rudy Schuepbach says:

      @KaboomLaboom99 l he was feigning ignorance. Like, “Do… The RAM go in… The CD Tray?”
      He’s totally right. It’s just that he’s dropping elementary stuff while staring at the gutz of a computer I’d sell a kidney to have. 😛

    • KaboomLaboom99 l says:

      @Rudy Schuepbach oh OK thanks, I thought so but you had me confused lol

      Honestly same, I’ll kill for that glorious pc

  3. AustrianCitizen says:

    I would love a video where you put the same face on multiple people ?

  4. JthaSter says:

    So instead of calling Keanu you guys casually get Dante from devil may cry

  5. HomeKat Productions says:

    I legitimately thought that you had actually gotten Keanu Reeves for the video. Keep up the great work you guys

  6. Daniel Lopez says:

    HOLY hell It’s Dante, GOD FREAKING Dante….

  7. DarkLight052 says:

    So Clint casually calls the voice actor of the greatest Demon Slayer….Still trying to figure out how he pulled it off….xd

  8. SoullessRun SLR says:

    he’s voice actor of ken… nice… AND HE’S ALSO A FKN VOICE ACTOR OF DANTE !!!!!!!

  9. Radda Radda says:

    These guys changed my life. I never realized that I could use a fucking guillotine as a box opener

  10. SpartanusCXVII says:

    I just now noticed that C-Mike was snapped out of the credits photo. I mean, cool effect, but kind of sad.

  11. Jmcgee1125 says:

    Normal VFX: Single point lights makes it easy to make something look real.
    Deep Fakes: The exact opposite.

  12. Seong Cheonsa says:

    Wait….is that Dante?….
    IT’S DANTE!!!

    Its nice to see the voice and stuntman of the son of sparda. We really got a little world.

  13. LabradorIndependent says:

    Ever considered fixing the Tarkin and Leia shots from Rogue One?

    • Bob Tipping says:

      There’s a slight difference between fixing a shot from 18 years ago and fixing one from 3 years ago.

  14. we dont talk about what A.R.M.Y stands for says:

    “and he is constantly wanna open a pickle jar”
    ITS TRUUEE ????

  15. Bruce Alrighty says:

    I mean, you coulda probably asked Keanu to just film it.. he’s a nice guy, he would say yes.

  16. Bratislav Metulski says:

    buy a natural wig and wear the cap in a real way – THEN it would look very good and realistic.

    • SilentHamish says:

      True. It just looked off. Even with the outfit. They need to find a guy that naturally looks kind of like Keanu first.

  17. Matthew Schoen says:

    Is that RUBEN LANGDON. Did ya’ll just CASUALLY got Ruben Langdon to be in your video? DANTE to play Keanu Reeves!?

  18. ulten5 says:

    I clicked for Keanu but I stayed for Reuben Langdon. That’s Dante man! Reuben’s my hero!

  19. Diggy22 says:

    That moment when Dante from Devil May Cry becomes Keanu Reeves ??

  20. Mark Jayson Enverzo says:

    Guy: You’re Breathtaking!!!

    Keanu: Heh, *YOU’RE DEEPFAKING!!!*

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