It’s time for some Parent Tag or whatever the name of this game is… How well does my mom know me?
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51 Responses

  1. BetaNights says:

    That was too perfect… xD
    Thanks, Mark & Ma!

  2. crankgamepml says:

    momiplier is so adorable and awesome and is such an overall wonderful woman

  3. Shadow Wolf says:

    Omg I love Momiplier, she’s so sassy 😂😂😂

  4. Morena G says:

    “No no you’re perfect honey don’t change” awh

  5. Morena G says:

    Why is she stroking Bell in reverse??

  6. DonPatrono says:

    “As an Asian parent, you know what we like to do? Force feeding our children. First thing i ask is “Are you hungry?” then I say “wait a minute, I cook for you!”
    Italian moms do that too…and slav moms…and Spanish moms…and French….and German….
    You know, Momiplier, I think that is more of a “mom thing”
    Even if nobody can beat the grandmas

  7. Sam Halligan says:

    Why doesn’t momiplier have her own channel? She’s hilarious

    • Dragonblade says:

      Sam Halligan she should totally teach Korean! That’d be fun to watch! Momiplier should have her own channel. Probably would get more subs than Mark! 🤣. On another note, there’s a youtuber that I love watching and thought you would like as well. Her channel goes by the name SuperSeizer and in my opinion, she is really funny and energetic in her videos. I don’t know if she is your cup of tea or not but I’d thought I would recommend!

    • ThatsMiska says:

      Sam Halligan I subscribed you

    • Sikari sakari says:

      Because she is Mama 😀

  8. Natalie Khmelevsky says:

    “Who are my enemies?”
    “I’ll tell him that when I see him later today”

  9. Haley Grimes says:

    Mark: what gift from you have I cherished the most?
    Mom: You’re good looks

  10. Ishidalover says:

    Omg I wanna give y’all both a big hug

  11. Jet says:

    “You could be a little taller” omg XD

  12. Thomas Owens says:

    Your laughs are really similar

  13. Xoannon says:

    “What gift from you have I cherished the most?”

    “Your good looks.”

    I mean…She’s not wrong. They look fabulous. But the sense of humour was a nice bonus too.

  14. Nellie Collier says:

    This is too wholesome and pure I think my heart is going to explode

  15. Mr. STS says:

    *how dare you complain about this family!*

  16. Clover Hall says:

    The overdramatized hitting the table is hilarious I love it 😂

  17. Kendall A says:

    I’m an old-school 90’s baby. I thought that was a dry-erase board at first. 🙂

  18. Voc says:

    “How dare you complain about this family….” Reminds me of those movies where the guy says something,and the boss of the Mafia or something says something like it …

  19. Daniel Is A Transiel says:

    Mommiplier- You won the genetic lottery
    Me- Hell yeah he did

  20. kooketh-shooketh_imdone says:

    momiplier: You’re perfect, son
    mark: Aw
    momiplier: even though you’re not 6’0′

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