HUGE GMA Backlash, “Horrified” Apology, Youtuber Hacks, Leaks, & Memes, G7 Confusion & More

HUGE GMA Backlash, “Horrified” Apology, Youtuber Hacks, Leaks, & Memes, G7 Confusion & More

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“Good Morning America” Co-Anchor Lara Spencer Apologizes for Mocking Prince George’s Ballet Interest

Influencers Blame AT&T for Social Media Hack

Amazon and Other Global Issues Discussed at G7 Summit

✭Fans Slam Shawn Mendes’ Apology for Old Racially Insensitive Posts

✭Olympic Skating Coach Banned for Life

✭YouTube Shuts Down 210 Accounts Tied to “Influence Operations” Against Hong Kong

✭Bolsonaro Responds After Macron Calls Amazon Fires an “International Crisis”

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
#DeFranco #JamesCharles #ShaneDawson

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64 Responses

  1. Nad Senoj says:

    I’ve studied martial arts since I was 5. During my formative years of study, our DoJo was situated next to a dance academy, that specialised in Ballet. as young men, me and my friends also used to mock the boys that attended the adjoining academy… Until my Sensei decided that it was time to bridge the gap, and held our cardio day in conjunction with theirs.

    The mockery stopped, immediately. The boys and girls, in that class, left me, a student of 7 years, at that time. Left me in their dust. they are stronger, faster, more balanced and quicker on their feet. Across the board. Our students of dance, at that DoJo, became our inspiration. In a fighters class, with two national champions, Instructed by a Globally recognised, and honored, Instructor. EVERY student held the dancers from a local dance academy, as their physical goals. I still do.

    Mocking dancers, in that fashion, is the Epitome of ignorant stupidity.

    • tuck295q says:

      Actually, alot of martial art is a also a dance form.

      So I have no idea why people think its a bad thing to dance.

    • Conrad Korbol says:

      Jamestercool you are incapable of understanding social cues or social nuance
      The more you argue the more you prove that
      She was laughing at a boy who was doing la
      When you laugh at it
      You are mocking it
      You mock it and boys don’t want to do it setting us back
      But you apparently don’t know anything about psychology or communication
      Or maybe you do and are just purposely ignorant

    • Conrad Korbol says:

      HumorousGiant it’s the other way around
      A lot of the best atheltes do dance
      So being a dancer translates to fighting
      What people don’t understanding is that you have to be multi disciplined
      Also a lot of fighter focus on strength and cardio for strength
      So him saying the dancers kicked his butt were probably because all they train is flexibility and cardio
      Which would make sense in a cardio class to be outclasses
      a lot of fighters say yoga kicked their ass
      I imagine it being the same thing

    • Jab Jab says:

      @T-Rizzle001 What’s up fellow tapper!

    • InfiniteLoop says:

      @Nad Senoj If they left you in the dust your training must’ve been pretty useless

  2. Grizzly Mang says:

    I did not need to see that picture of James Charles however I did need to see that picture of Ethan Klein

  3. Murdocssoul says:

    I know this is off-topic but this shirt was a good choice Phil. Looks fantastic on you, and would´ve looked amazing paired with those frames you wore recently.

  4. Bethany Brose says:

    The Amazon isn’t burning, it’s being burned.


    6:17 Felix put up his wedding video and it was so beautifully done I liked it a lot.

  6. thewinterizzy says:

    Anyone who thinks ballet is easy/a “girl” sport, I suggest they try ballet.

  7. Oinky Von Puddlemeister says:

    Fred Flintstone took ballet! It made him a better bowler. 🙂

  8. itsjohndell says:

    Ya know Phil your boys hit the jackpot in the Parental Lottery. You and Linz are hella great ‘rents. Cheers!

  9. jabdazombie says:

    See white lady doing mayo eating world record.
    * Dave Chappelle reading white people magazine meme *

  10. Bianca H says:

    Honestly all little kids should do ballet. It’s great for teaching body awareness and increasing coordination and balance. And all young kids can benefit from that.

  11. Aames32 says:

    Because children don’t change their minds hundreds of times hefore breakfast.

  12. Carson Cook says:

    “If ya ever wanted to watch someone eat mayonnaise”


  13. Marill Sweatshirt says:

    While others cry over the ignorance of a “news anchor”; the news about G7 and especially the rainforest deserves far more concern.

  14. Maddy Beauregard says:

    ballet/gymnastics is great for all little kids, as it teaches many skills, like balance and coordination. it’s also really fun!!

  15. Arvae says:

    didn’t even notice ill will towards the dancing, i thought everyone was just laughing at the insane roster a kid has to go through at that age

  16. Eslayer12 says:

    Philip forgot the timestamps in the comments atleast (so here they are so you can instantly go to them)
    0:00 GMA Backlash 4:03 TIA 5:43 Youtube hacks 8:58 G7 confusion

    • Rex Longfellow says:

      Thank you!

    • A Llama says:

      not all heroes wear capes

    • Autum Leaves says:

      Thank you, good fella

    • buddylee19082 says:

      I can’t even believe what I’m seeing…. lmao! Why’d she apologize though?! I feel like this is part of what perpetuates this nonsense “outrage culture”/trolling; everybody just buckles as soon as they get a negative reaction from some group on Twitter or Instagram!? Instead of standing up and saying, “FUCK YOU! If you don’t like wtf I’ve got to say then don’t listen!” But no, they walk back their words and they give these bullshit PR/PC Apologies and it just gives the trolls more power!? It’s so ridiculous.

    • WSSH SHOP says:

      laughing your 4:26

  17. SuperMoke5 says:

    Hey Phil, great show as always. To gripe, the bit about the Amazon Rain forest is slightly off. The Amazon Rain forest only produces around 15% of all LAND based oxygen, or around .1% of total. The biggest producer is Phytoplankton in the sea. The acidification of the oceans effects a greater portion of the atmospheric ecosystem. Atmospheric pollutants are damaging and need to be kept in check, this is true. Yet the damage to the ocean ecosystems holds a greater magnitude and needs to be regulated. China, India and Africa produce around 80% of oceanic waste and need to be held accountable and regulated. They import a lot of waste aswell, so really the Earths population needs a more sustainable lifestyle, but still those 3 are the largest global polluters.

  18. Kelly Marie says:

    Just a quick side note- I worked at AT&T and when we’re on Remote Support (when we can see your screen) the password area blurs out completely. I hated that job and it ruined my life, but I felt the need to let that be known.

  19. Daniel Moses says:

    The Tom Holland performance was amazing.

    I used to be teased for doing cheerleaading but I enjoyed it and didn’t care about the teasing

    • Chrisnia Y says:

      Daniel Moses cheer boys are the best boys. when other boys can hold a hole ass human above there head they can stfu

  20. Super Noodles says:

    Apart from the ballet part, they’re all standard parts of the English school curriculum.

    Also make ballet dancers are absolute machines. They’re genuine athletes. Not many people have the strength to lift someone above your head whilst remaining in a difficult position and remain elegant

    • CapnBrowncoat says:

      I know right? Ballet dancers are ridiculous. All that strength, coordination and flexibility, and then making it look completely effortless and elegant. That takes intense skill.
      People still saying ballet isn’t a ‘boy’ thing clearly learned nothing from Billy Elliot.

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