HUGE KO | Jake Paul vs. Andre August Full Fight

HUGE KO | Jake Paul vs. Andre August Full Fight

December 15, 2023 — Watch the full fight between Jake Paul and Andre August from Orlando, Florida.

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56 Responses

  1. @danielnicholson25 says:

    i cant hate on it. Very solid and clean uppercut ko against an ACTUAL boxer. Sure he wasnt top level, but gotta give him credit. He is building himself up as a boxer now, and to me, that is respectable.

    • @MusicAddict971 says:

      Couldn’t agree more, working his way up the ladder and actually respecting the sport .. talk is cheap but he’s putting the work in to back it up and earn his pedigree… Unlike a certain Ksi who tbh is embarrassing the sport….. Jakes technique is levels above ksi

    • @JaeDeeKae says:

      Don’t be fooled they making up boxers to fight this shytt is ridiculous how fake this is

    • @britishpatriot7386 says:

      You are all delusional 😂😂😂

    • @Northwoodschickenchaser says:

      He landed a few really nasty body shots too.

    • @JaeDeeKae says:

      SO YOU really believe the dude HE fought was a real boxer LOL HE is not HE is not sanctioned HE may have got partly sanctioned just for this fight LOL and IM from near HOUSTON and I know the BOXING scene well out here so TRUST ME HE is not a real Boxer

  2. @ianbee1959 says:

    “Andre needs to be careful of ducking down” literally 1 second later: ducks down and get knocks out 😮

    • @shapursasan9019 says:

      He was paid to be a ‘punching bag’–and to go down on cue when it was time for him to go down. He got paid $1 million for that dive…more money than he had ever made in his life!

    • @daltonculler2199 says:

      @@shapursasan9019bro there’s literally a slo mo of his eyes rolling back in of his head and his body goes limp. I understand you can take a dive, but you can’t go unconscious intentionally……..

    • @robertwilson3866 says:

      @@daltonculler2199Looked fixed to me. Not the KO itself but the way he kept his head there after the jab and braced for the impact. That’s not normally how boxers react in that situation. He took the money

    • @michaelmoran1093 says:

      You know he can’t hear the commentary when he’s in the ring right ? 🤣

    • @King-vk3tn says:

      ​@@shapursasan9019 Proof?

  3. @vjtucker5146 says:

    Props to Jake for the KO. Boxing is one of the only sports where being a “pro” doesn’t mean much. As crazy as it sounds, a lot of people could get a license if they truly wanted one. ( assuming they’re healthy ) I hope Jake stays active and continues to climb the ladder, but finding credible opponents are gonna be tough for a while.

    • @sabretooth5404 says:

      As long as he carries on fighting boxers rather than retired MMA fighters then he should be able to build towards more credible fighters in the division

    • @Mike-hy8cs says:

      Thing is pro in boxing means you are actively fighting other pro boxers and working your way up the ladder. In boxing the license thing is a hoax like you said anyone can get a license. So pro isnt about the license its about fighting other professionals that also fight other professionals

    • @spursfandan6081 says:

      I’d say he’s definitely dropped down a few rungs on the ladder fighting this guy, but maybe he can start working his way up again.

    • @ironmike742 says:


    • @user-ob4tv7pk9i says:

      He worse then Ben,askren

  4. @indianapapi says:

    Solid uppercut. Landed perfect. Well done Jake!

  5. @WrangleMcDangle says:

    Was Andre a tough opponent? No, not really. Was that jump forward into an uppercut a fantastic display of distance control and power? Absolutely. Only way forward for Jake is tougher opponents.

  6. @nathanjoce6977 says:

    The upper cut just knocked August into November😂😂

  7. @brmawe says:

    The most eye catching improvements from Paul was his jab/lead hand control. His ring control & foot placement for proper shots like the upper take tons of repetition. This is a thinking mans sport.

    • @SparrowNiner says:

      the in and out footwork as well, he was less flat footed here

    • @PizzaAndBoxing says:

      He got caught multiple times. He footwork was terrible.

    • @Eli43199 says:

      his footwork was def improved majorly

    • @rockygonzalez385 says:

      He leaves his whole right side exposed everytime he throws the double jab. He should work on that.

    • @montanathreehunna says:

      @@PizzaAndBoxing it’s his hand placement. He needs to learn to bring his left hand up when he throws his right. He always has his left down in a half philly shell style guard, but that’s always the punch he eats is the right hand, and he wouldn’t if when he threw his right he raised his left.

  8. @jking8025 says:

    That was a very clean uppercut. Jake has gotten much better even since his last fight!

  9. @embarrased4326 says:

    I swear I didn’t even know Jake was fighting again the promotion for this fight was nonexistent

  10. @stephensniff says:

    Jake has definitely improved. I liked his high use of the jab, flicking it out there just to touch him while keeping his feet moving, which set up that nice uppercut KO. Wish he had used it more against Tommy.

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