Hugh Jackman Remembers Stan Lee: ‘A Creative Genius’

Hugh Jackman Remembers Stan Lee: ‘A Creative Genius’

‘The Front Runner’ star Hugh Jackman remembers thinking his portrayal of Wolverine would make him the center of attention on the red carpet at Comic Con. That was until the paparazzi abandoned him for Stan Lee.

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74 Responses

  1. Ian panthera says:

    RIP Stan Lee
    We love you..

  2. Ally .Munster says:

    Love that he hugged Andy Lee!!

  3. Felix Degenaar says:

    What is an ackman and why is he huge?

  4. Serprizebuttsecks says:

    RIP Stan Lee! I hope your friends and family are waiting for you with an advanced screening of avengers 4 just for you. Excellsior!

  5. Anant Raman says:

    This messed me up. So many of my childhood memories were cause of this man’s creations. Rest in Peace, Stan.

  6. Ruthy Pegs says:

    ANDY LEEEEEE!!!!!!

  7. Hwang Jinwoo says:

    RIP Stan Lee…
    Also, Hugh was definitely channelling some P.T Barnum there

  8. The Whisperer of Death says:

    I want to see a huge Marvel funeral with all the actors dressed in costume.
    Maybe even carrying the casket.

  9. Carly a says:

    I love Hamish and Andy… and Hugh Jackman and Colbert (and I’m Canadian). I came here because Andy tweeted about this πŸ™‚

  10. New Message says:

    I’m clutching my old no-prize to my chest, and using it to dab my eyes…. Thanks, Stan.

  11. F. N. Lorter says:

    He needs to do a movie with Ryan Reynolds. Only good this time. It doesn’t even need to be a Marvel movie. How about a road trip romcom?

  12. Amethyst says:

    Oh man Andy is so *NEVER* gonna let Hamish hear the end of this one that’s for bloody sure! πŸ˜‚

  13. Nate H says:

    That story about his wife was wonderful!

  14. Nina M says:

    AWW MAN! ANDY, where’s hamish? πŸ˜€ I should have been in the audience on this day. Ps Hugh Jackman studied wolves.. at school? HAHA

  15. Chris Cairns says:

    I’m not a gay man but if it HAD to happen it’d be this guy. Also Hugh isn’t bad on the eye either…

  16. EC says:

    I can only assume Mick Jagger, on that night in Melbourne, said, “who the bloody hell is Hugh Jackman?”

  17. UserInterface00 says:

    3:17 the moment you see the emotions in Hugh Jackman’s eyes. He is truly grateful for what Stan Lee has given him and never took it for granted. You will always be Logan!

  18. Lemonie Lala says:

    It’s going to be weird watching Marvel movies and not see Stan Lee in a weird cameo. 😒❀

  19. entertain7us14 says:

    that entrance made me tear up as an Aussie

    “this moment here is huge in Australia” YOU DONT UNDERSTAND IT 1000% IS THO 😭😭😭😭

  20. David Du says:

    Am I the only one that loves when the guests acknowledge the band? It just makes them that much cooler.

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