Hugh Mungus Needs Our Help

Hugh Mungus Needs Our Help

It’s now been confirmed that youcaring DELETED the campaign, update w/ gofundme tomorrow.
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19 Responses

  1. Arrow-Tron says:

    Youcaring is apparently a super liberal political correct, professional
    victim pandering website that deleted the Hugh Mungus’ youcaring because it
    “incites controversy” .

  2. XxEchoAK47xX says:

    Zarna is a hateful, disgusting, selfish cunt and doesn’t deserve a penny
    but you guys give her $875 as ‘a joke’…. who’s really winning there?

  3. Aurodeep Kamal says:

    Why hasn’t anyone sued Zarna Joshi for defamation again?

  4. Nicolas Boissiere says:

    Papa bless Hugh Mungus.

  5. cyanova says:

    I’m sick to share a surname with that inhuman bitch. I wish she ends
    herself, she deserves to get hate all the time. Fucking bitch.

  6. Ommstar Official says:

    Ethan Klein for President.
    Hila Klein for First Lady.
    Ken Bone for Vice President.
    Hugh Mungus for Secretary of Office.
    Joey Salads for Immigration Officer.
    SoFloAntonio for Copyright Security.
    Tai Lopez for Department of Energy and Campaign Leader (B.L) (A.W.S)
    Ethan Bradberry as Environmentalist and Social Secretary.

  7. Jimmy Saboter says:

    See? That hypocritical bitch doesn’t have any morals. She’s all about the

    Money talks. Hypocrital cunt needs to be raped by rascals

  8. Ossi Andersson says:

    Oh look! 19,500$ donated. better give an other 250% for Rudy

  9. Alex M says:

    Holy shit $20,816, thats amazing

  10. 0M9H4X says:

    I became a YouTube Nazi…. i mean Hero so I can mass flag her videos

  11. TheFilmReviewers says:

    Hugh Mungus for President
    Ken Bone for Vice President

  12. Jamie C says:

    Fucking legend Ethan. Seriously mate, you are.

  13. bestFreemaneva aka Rogue Freeman says:

    but, orcs in The elder scrolls lore are elves



  14. Freeside Junkie says:

    Orcs in the elder scrolls are elves…technically.

  15. Dirk Groovy says:

    $23,488 ALREADY!! great jobs guys, maybe the internet isn’t such a bad
    place after all ;)

  16. Matt “Sonic” Owens says:

    This community is absolutely amazing. I love every single one of you.

  17. dora the inhaler says:

    #3 on trending, papa bless

  18. matthew butindaro says:

    $24,857 of $10k goal > Wow

  19. Pindo Scum says:

    Sent Hugh Mungus a tenner. He made me proud to use my real name again. No
    longer will I be ashamed to be called Hugh G. Recshun. Mungus/Bone 2020!