Human Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge

Human Flaming Hot Cheeto Challenge

We’re transforming Link into a muy caliente, super-sized Flaming Hot Cheeto. GMM #1253.2
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74 Responses

  1. NERTHFREIKT says:

    Link is on fire.

  2. Telic says:

    Hey Rhett and Link, if u ever need some other bg music of sorts id love to provide some of My beats or music 🙂

    Much love you guys 😀

  3. DuckCluck says:

    When you love Hot Cheetos so much you become one

  4. Nafis Fahim says:

    “breathe out but don’t breathe in”
    – Rhett Mclaughlin (2018)

  5. Amy Hoops says:

    I will never not love it when Link turns into food! ^_^

  6. Kurstin Colson says:

    How many other people miss the Good Mythical Crew videos? Not just this This Is Mythical Videos such as 10 ft tall…but the ones where we got to see what actually goes into making the show. Going on runs n stuff

  7. rosie x says:

    this was more sensual than I was expecting…

  8. Andrew Blake says:

    Can tell they’re running out of ideas…

  9. Jc Pete says:

    He licked the daddy

  10. The Ducklord says:

    Link the new silver fox

  11. Tiffany Morales says:

    i liked it just because i like hot cheetos

  12. Unsealed Kale says:

    3 cheers for the crew holy cow

  13. Unsealed Kale says:

    Is Rhett’s goal to suffocate Link every single time he becomes a food? Bit suspicious of a trend forming

  14. Tiffany Morales says:


  15. Bunnn Babyy says:

    I love how link is always the one who ends up being the human food

  16. Dollar Menu Hoe says:

    Why its alway gotta be Link oml

  17. This Little Critic says:

    Oh man I can feel the burn!

  18. UnPhayzable says:

    Looks like Link has finally embraced his inner Ugandan Knuckles

  19. UnPhayzable says:

    When are they transforming Rhett into beef jerky?

  20. Sauce Stache says:

    Who automatically cringed when Rhett licked Link

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