HUMAN STATUE PRANK!!! | Prank Academy

HUMAN STATUE PRANK!!! | Prank Academy

We team up with makeup artist Lex Fleming and our buddy Nick Santonastasso to pull off a unique statue prank. Lex disguises Nick to appear as if he were naturally one of the statues in Union Square Park, while Nick surprises patrons as they realize he is indeed a real person!

Jeana and Jesse bring together Nick (the Prankster) and Alexys Fleming (the Accomplice) to work together on this prank. Lex, whose makeup channel is MadeYewLook, expertly disguises Nick – who was born without legs and only one arm – with metallic makeup and clothing to look like a bust of a statue. He is placed on a pedestal in a public park. When curious marks approach to look at the statue and read the plaque, he scares them. Marks have a double reaction: It’s a real person! Wait, HOW is it a real person?

YouTube Red Original Series

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19 Responses

  1. rem lew says:

    I know it is so awkward for them.did you see how they shook hands

  2. Arrior 115 says:

    That gut looked nothing like a statue
    They did a terrible job disguising him

  3. Heivar Valdivia says:

    +Skittle Riddle They broke up so shutup bitch ass nigga you retard

  4. Ultimate says:


  5. Blabber Dragneel says:

    Congratz on 10 mil! You guys ready for the plaque?

  6. Flgator s' says:

    Lol their relationship went to shit once they started to do this type of
    stuff. Does anyone actually buy YouTube red…

  7. Von Ray says:


  8. Bahethoven says:

    bro this channel is just not the same. they broke up and its driving me
    insane. IMMA UNSUBS SOON

  9. DirtyBob6969 says:

    this is so fucking fake..m

  10. Jeffrey Wright says:

    Lex’s Make-ups on her channel are Amazing!

  11. Trisha B says:

    That’s awesome! Great makeup job!

  12. Khurram Khurshid says:

    is it just me or is the intro of the youtube red series the best thing ever

  13. Dimle Might says:

    what happened to the dude with 1 arm

  14. BluDiamond says:

    Oh…another case of the Youtube Red

  15. Luis Flores says:

    It’s still good.

  16. Supergiant13450 says:

    YouTube got their hands on this channel and now you guys messed it up. This
    channel used to have funny and personal pranks. Now it seems like a fucking
    TV show. You done fucked up.

  17. Minekiller 667 says:


  18. THAT KID says:

    these pranks aren’t good and Im sure they know that.

  19. theredneckcomputernerd08 theredneckcomputernerd08 says:

    is this before they broke up or what bc im confused