Hundreds of people defy Miami Beach curfew orders

Hundreds of people defy Miami Beach curfew orders

The city has now extended the restrictions for at least 3 weeks.

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25 Responses

  1. Ginga says:

    The issue isn’t Covid cases, the issue is the dumb kids destroying people’s property. Not sure why the media isn’t talking about it at all.

  2. Trevor says:

    The real Floridians know no one goes to south beach other than spring breakers

    • TorBangz Smi says:


    • Muslim Minarchist says:

      As usual the news is lying to you. Miami Beach issued a curfew because they were afraid of Riots and Looting, not covid. its pretty sad that our Media spins stories

    • Crixus says:

      @bbop aloobop your statement is true, but that’s not what OP said. His statement implies that real Floridians (aka in the entire state not just SoBe locals) know that nobody goes to SoBe except spring breakers (aka at anytime nobody goes there except people during spring break)…again not true lol

    • 12e 12e says:

      Exactly. Stupid ppl come down here and mess it up for us. Then turn around and blame our governor.

    • 12e 12e says:

      @Tony Dracon no there not. Its stupid ppl from other states. Florida ppl know better.

  3. John Klise says:

    OMG there’s college kids… and they aren’t following the rules!

  4. J B says:

    Fort Lauderdale is more fun and better than South Beach anyways.

  5. I'mJustTickled To Death says:

    Cool they are having fun, but they better not complain about unpaid rent and food…ijs

  6. Terrell says:

    “Cases” means nothing.

  7. Tennessee Hollerboy says:

    Hey msm what’s that survival rate again. Asking for a friend.

  8. Bearded Dragon says:

    The drama of spring breakers celebrating spring break is so over the top.

    • Joaquin546 says:

      XD a thousand arrest is just “drama”?!

    • Sam Harris says:

      Agreed. As if covid respects a curfew lol. The only thing they are doing by enacting a curfew is ensuring more people are packed together at an earlier time.

    • Joaquin546 says:

      @Sam Harris XD or they could be intelligent and not gather while theirs a deadly virus getting passed around!

    • Bearded Dragon says:

      @Joaquin546 I’m willing to bet most of those arrests will be tossed out when they get to court. In situations like this police are just grabbing people and arresting them with little to no proof of any crime being committed(so much for civil rights) by any one individual. They’re just trying to make a big enough splash to motivate the crowd to disperse…

      I’d say the whole situation is very dramatic.

    • Bearded Dragon says:

      @Joaquin546 it’s spring break and Florida was supposed to be open… I’m perfectly okay with kids living it up a little.

  9. Kelly Dawes says:

    If vaccines were safe, the manufactures would have no problem signing a notice of liability. lol

  10. jack the roofer says:

    where did news anchors get their crisis acting lessons?

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