Hundreds of teenagers flood into downtown Chicago, smashing car windows, prompting police response

Hundreds of teenagers flood into downtown Chicago, smashing car windows, prompting police response

Hundreds of teenagers flooded into Downtown Chicago on Saturday night, smashing car windows, trying to get into Millennium Park, and prompting a major police response. A woman whose car was smashed by people jumping on the windshield said her husband was beaten as he sat in the driver’s seat. Police were escorting tourists and others back to their cars in the Millennium Park garage. STORY:

Please note, there is an incorrect graphic on the beginning of this video which says “Grant Park.” This all happened along Michigan Avenue near Millennium Park.

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39 Responses

  1. Neal D says:

    Protecting yourself from domestic terrorism should unquestionably be legal. My heart breaks for the man being beaten in his car.

    • Squigtonian Mayhem says:

      @Enigma System don’t drink the Kool aid!

    • Steve Smith says:

      @Twisted Bleeps The video shows a certain ethnicity.What other proof do you need? I know, I know, the video is racist and the teens were just running to volunteer their time to help the elderly and disabled. They are so oppressed,etc.

    • tom mas says:

      As a nation we have to STOP rewarding cujos, pandering to and letting bogus excuses stand.

  2. JulliaStark says:

    Its time to enforce consequences for this behavior. Whatever the kids get, the parents have to make up half of it separately on their own.

  3. Daddy says:

    Politicians need to be held accountable for not protecting their citizens!! Blame politicians for their failed policies!

  4. Jullia Capybara says:

    I am so sad for Chicago I was born and lived for 49 years and moved 3 years ago crime out of control politics out of control pay play sick sick sick. My heart goes out to the good people of Chicago and I pry for my family still there.

  5. Matthew C says:

    Since these kids are allowed to get away with these types of things, it will only get worse unless the cops & judges punish these hooligans

    • David Hutchison says:

      @Mickey Mouse you make a good point. Hopefully we can be unified as we uncover the plot. I’m hoping we can wake up and all focus on the puppet masters . They playing us like a fiddle at this point.

    • SPENDALKENDAL 1 says:

      Imagine when the Cops and Judges disappeare. I bet most of those teens don’t have fathers at home

    • Aelicia Allen says:

      ​@Twin Two it does. But people do what they want
      Mental illness and The monic position is real

    • Aelicia Allen says:

      ​@Billy Brown 😂 well

      Not funny Nor am I offended I am a chocolate woman and I would have been attacked as well

  6. Dylan_50 says:

    What an embarrassment to tourists and visitors

  7. IAAA IAAA says:

    As a person who works at a school, I speak to staff at times of the inevitability of the same thing seen here, and I always state that it will happen (as we see here now) and will continue to happen, because we have no realistic consequences that we leverage to students for bad behavior, and what little we can do to offset bad behavior is made worse by a lack of even half-decent parenting at home (and worse yet, it’s caused largely because there are mostly single parent homes filled with overwhelmed and defeated parents that feel like they have no say in their parenting, so they let their children run the household – worse yet, at school, they get the same message – that they run the school). Sadly, this (as we are seeing) will lead to a generation of youth that will be commiting more brazen crimes at younger ages, and with less of a redeeming conscience to dissuade them from the acts they will commit. All in all, when they do things like this, it’s a future learning experience for them to look back on and say,”Man, I survived my youth, did this and that, and I’m not like that anymore now,” but at the cost of others and at the cost of their lives – most possibly. I always remind myself to educate and help where I can and how I can, but I also tell myself consistently that I refuse to be anyone’s learning experience – at the threat of my health and wellbeing – and they are quick to take it to that point nowadays, and spit out a half-hearted, “I’m sorry,” much later – if at all.
    This isn’t the last of it unfortunately. If we thought prisons were full from the 1980’s on up to the not too recent present, we got another wave coming, and plenty of violence to precede the incarcerations – no doubt – as this is just the tip of the titanic iceberg.

  8. Carlos Williams says:

    Everyone of them that can be identified on camera should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but we already know the leaders in Chicago will do nothing

    • Brian Korth says:

      They should actually be caned publicly.

    • Mark K. says:

      @EpicUnicat 2.0 so you think if people showed up and hung out they should be charged with crimes that they did not commit because other people committed crimes around them?

      So you would be okay with charging every single person that showed up to January 6 with all of the crimes that were committed by the few that assaulted law enforcement?

      I disagree. I think if you commit a crime you get charged and if you don’t then you won’t.

    • Mark K. says:

      @Shannon Owens so because some People came to hang out up town and others came and committed crimes that means all people that came to hang out should be charged with what a few did?

      Oh so I guess you would be on board with charging every single person that showed up to January 6th with the crimes that the few committed? Assault on police officers attempted murder all of that should be charged to every single person that showed up?

      I don’t agree with you. I think the people that committed the crime should be charged and the people that didn’t should not.

    • Mike Palmer says:

      It’s reparations. Lol.

    • Plow Boy says:

      No surprise as those activities happen often in all those third-world countries.

  9. Tiffany Shadley Haul Kinda Girl says:

    I was listening to the police scanner and because of this happening they had a disregard 100 911 calls. Absolutely terrible these kids are doing crap like this. So disgusting. Where is their parents? If I ever did this as a kid my mom would have ripped my arms off! 80’s and 90’s parents didn’t play! That’s what’s wrong with these kids these days they don’t get an ass whooping!

  10. Night Blade says:

    This is what you get when kids run the household. Calling out bad parenting was spot on. Willing to bet these kids run all over their “parents” every single day.

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