Hungry Bear on the Bikepark Malino Brdo

Hungry Bear on the Bikepark Malino Brdo

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20 Responses

  1. Henrich Hostak says:

    asi by som sa posral 🙂

  2. panzerfaulst12345 says:

    why the fuck did you stop

  3. Garden-Variety Google User says:

    Almost had you guys…

  4. Kalliko Kal says:

    and then came some KOMs

  5. Saddam Hussein says:

    This is why I never leave home without my katana

  6. Matej Kautman says:

    Chlape, daj si tam anglicky nazov videa a popis- mozno aj volaco zarobis na views 🙂 – teda skor urcite. Pekny adrenalin s dobrym koncom 🙂

  7. J Briggs says:

    i hate when people ruin videos with slo-motion. Did you consult me about weather I wanted to watch your video in abnormally slow speed, motherfucker?

  8. Matus Takac says:

    Daj tomu fakt anglicky nazov, toto bude mat slusny pocet pozreti.
    Fakt by uz mali zacat tych macov strielat lebo za chvilu mame po turistickom ruchu a par turistoch asi tiez.

  9. Tesz- Vesz says:

    where is the version without slow mo?

  10. John Smith says:

    That’s why I always carry a jar of honey

  11. Arcaneus Umbra says:

    Well don’t fucking stop

  12. Jane R says:

    This is like in a horror movie when the psychopath is chasing the main character, but instead of running they just stand there screaming like a dummy.

  13. elove21 says:

    For those people that are confused why they stopped, it clearly shows that the bikers are going downhill and the bear last minute decided to take a shortcut to meet the biker at the bottom, and have himself a tasty lunch. ? The biker in the back seriously saved that other bikers life! Wow…just wow! So scary!

  14. NuttyJ axb says:

    I guess you could say they BEARly made it.

  15. 1000 videos with no subscribers says:

    I think the bear was just going to steal his bike.

  16. South Florida Fishing Channel says:

    I had a water bear attack me yesterday. Will upload the vid tomorrow. Crazy world out there

  17. Mandrew 445 says:

    so fake… u can’t outrun a bear with a bike or by running

  18. Gabe Fly says:


  19. Benedict Brightside says:

    Dude perfect.

  20. Ant Bandit says:

    Didn’t look that narrow to me.

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