Hurricane Dorian lashes Bahamas with ferocious winds and flash flooding

Hurricane Dorian lashes Bahamas with ferocious winds and flash flooding

Winds of more than 220mph (355km/h) have struck the northern Bahamas in the biggest storm to hit the Caribbean island chain in modern times. The ‘catastrophic’ category 5 hurricane forced the US states of Georgia and South Carolina to issue evacuation orders for their coastal communities on Sunday night as the National Hurricane Center warned of storm surges of 18-23ft (5.5-7 metres) above normal levels.
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43 Responses

  1. Rick Sanchez says:

    0:41 most people don’t get this, all the images you see are from the islands south of where the hurricane actually passed through, we have still no contact from the people who were at the heart of the storm

  2. Stefflon Don says:

    Please be safe .am hear worried about u all from dominica

  3. katthefantastic says:

    stay strong and be safe our thoughts are with you

  4. tino perz says:

    bahamas is surrounded by the sea so there was a storm surge happen . similar to what happened in the Philippines typhoon yolanda

    • tino perz says:

      @NoneTheLess Godbless you for that

    • Karen Onira says:

      Yolanda was devastating. So many bodies of kids and adult all lined up, to this day some are still missing , and I was there in the Philippines at that time, same island that Yolanda hit (Leyte) Luckily it wasn’t that bad for us, just no power for like a month. I still cry thinking about watching all those bodies especially the little kids.

    • Darryl G says:

      I gotta say Haiyan (Yolanda) is still far worse and stronger than Dorian or even Maria in 2017.

    • NoneTheLess says:

      Darryl G philipines is poor

  5. Action Domics says:

    Yo I’m no yoke scared for my grandma seeing this, my heart goes out to everybody affected ❤️

  6. Zev C says:

    Ayah, it doesn’t look like paradise any longer. Poor guys….It might take some time to fix it, probably a year, or so. Until then, ufff….

  7. Viki Demos says:

    Godspeed, 90 miles away from hurricane…can you imagine !!!!

  8. Emily Pacelli says:

    My hearts are with these people. It is so unfortunate to think that In 8 months, the devastation will be forgotten as it was with hurricane Michael. Mexico beach was completely leveled from the storm surge and so many people drowned, there was nothing left from it. People to this day are still living in tents in the Florida panhandle and the rent has tripled due to price gouging but everyone seems to have forgotten. They have made no mention of or comparison to Michael on any weather update or forecast I have seen which is beyond upsetting even though Michael, at the time, was one of the worst storms to ever hit the US. This is very heartbreaking and I hope that the same does not come to these people. I pray that they can pay less attention to ratings and more to broadcasting the fact that people still need help here.

    • TheLawDemon says:

      If you live in an area that is a historical site for hurricanes then it is up to you to be smart enough to build where you can be safe from the largest storm ever. It is up to you to build using methods that can withstand the biggest storm ever. This is a fundamental truth that goes all the way back to fairy tales and nursery rhymes. You are responsible for you. Yes we should help our neighbor as best we can. That is the ultimate rule for living, but that presupposes that your neighbor has prepared himself/herself/themselves and are not DEPENDING on your generosity or the generosity of others. If you build your home in modern stick and stone styling in the middle of a historical tornado alley, do not expect sympathy or help form others who were smart enough to build somewhere safer with simpler but tougher styling and structure.

    • Candice Butterfield says:

      @TheLawDemon The Bahamas has some of the strictest building codes in the Caribbean. However it is a island that is mostly flat. Therefore when a hurricane comes there will be flooding. Not everyone ha the funds to hop on a plane and find somewhere safer and I am sure you don’t want us flooding your country so please get off of your high horse. Most of the people build what they can afford. And the island of Abaco has a lot of people that migrated there illegally. However, with a storm of this nature the government urged everyone, we don’t care who you are, or were you are from, to seek shelter. Some people were afraid. Many homes are build to withstand a hurricane but with a 180 miles per hour wind and water beating against your home. lets see how well it withstands that. Stay in your place, typing about something you know nothing about.

    • Emily Pacelli says:

      TheLawDemon your are so unfortunately naive when it comes to this. To begin with, a lot of these people in the Bahamas live in poverty and do not have the means to pick up and leave, let alone the proper documentation. You cannot sit in a situation you are not in, pointing a finger and telling people how they should relocate when they are born ono this island with no choice. If you are referring to the panhandle of Florida, than you also lack information. I lived in a part of town with multi million dollar homes on the bay that were literally built for hurricanes that were still destroyed by falling trees and tornado force winds. You clearly don’t have a tangible understanding of hurricanes, and most people don’t (at least the ones who don’t live in Florida) it has nothing to do with anything you’ve described. It has to do with the media paying enough attention for the ratings and then when it’s over and everyone has had their fill of devastation videos, moving onto the next thing. No one brings attention to the price gouging happening or the fact that FEMA has denied more people who genuinely NEED assistance than the ones who just take the assistance because it’s free, even though they have the means to make it. The rent has tripled, a one bedroom apartment with nothing included is going for $2400 a month. These problems have nothing to do with living in an area that is prone to hurricanes. This has to do with being charged $200 for a basic oil change and an oil filter because they can. This has to do with paperwork that should have been processed for our county, that made it illegal to price gouge in a state of devastation (post hurricane) but was not done. I understand you are working with the limited knowledge you have, but you have to stretch beyond that because life is not as black and white and rigid as you make it to be.

  9. Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

    This is so sad. Stay safe Bahamas.

  10. Tre McCho says:

    Praying for you! ??

  11. IK World Adventures says:

    Thank you for posting! Our hearts and thoughts with you. Stay strong, keep yourself and your families safe! ?

  12. KaitE says:

    Wish we could help but there’s nothing we can do 🙁

  13. Blue Bird says:

    Dude if i was out there I wouldn’t be able to stand lmao I’m 5’2 I’d be drowning

  14. latino heat says:

    An island hurricane is more devastating and horrifing than a land hitting one.

  15. KNCDCO says:

    Expect this to he a weekly occurrence in hurricane season now that the amazon was burnt down and we sat by and watched.

  16. jazz v says:

    lord I pray all this stops I can’t imagine the families that are scared even the little kids man

  17. OvBiss says:

    *hurricane crashes the Bahamas*

    YouTube: lets make this 11 on trending

  18. Ideklikewhatisgoingon says:

    My grandma just got off a cruise a few days ago and the last day the boat started speeding up to avoid the hurricane

  19. Dj Luminol says:

    This is going to be rough for the Bahamas financially. It will probably take an entire years budget or so just to fix their infrastructure. I hope they get help from the US and others.

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