Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4, targets Carolinas

Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4, targets Carolinas

Meteorologist Ashley Batey is tracking Florence as it strengthens in the Atlantic. The hurricane is expected to slam into the East Coast near the Carolinas as a Category 3 or 4 storm.

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89 Responses

  1. 4musketers says:

    Darn it I wanted it to come near me then turn away just like Irma did, I ended up having a whole week off of school just because of a few trees that fell.

  2. Lastia says:

    I live in NC, any advice from people who have experienced hurricanes before? Also, just a random thought, but Florence is an awful name for a storm that is going to cause so much devastation.

  3. Wei Li says:

    Name the hurricane “child support” and I’ll run like the wind

  4. Mark Sanchez says:

    Can we nuke the hurricane

  5. Rocker 1 says:

    No way I’m dying to a hurricane named *F L O R E N C E*

  6. *depression* says:

    I’m pretty sure these hurricanes get stronger because they’re angry they were named such puny names like “Hurricane Susan”, “Hurricane Florence” “Tropical storm Matthew”.

  7. raheem peterson says:

    Like 👍🏾
    if you live in NC

  8. Lily Gummy Lily says:

    I like how everyone in my school isn’t even scared while I’m having a panic attack.

  9. Lynne Braun says:

    I live south of Miami and lost my home in Andrew (1992),and been through a few more after the “Big One” since then.After Irma last September,we had lost power for 2 weeks and DUKE POWER were our saviors and got us all back on line!!! Nicest guys (6 trucks). I know that the FPL caravan is getting ready to head up 95 to help you guys!!!Take care and my friends,family and I will donate whatever is most needed to help get your lives back.Just know the “Andrew survivors ” are thinking of you all!!

    • Slayer 76 says:

      I was 13 when Andrew hit I’m from N.Miami Beach. But I remember S.Miami, Homestead getting leveled

    • Princess Yonna says:

      Why don’t u just move away from that state ..or less y’all enjoy having stuff taken away from y’all

    • Ben Morris I says:

      Thank you😊

    • Jennifer Vieira says:

      Lynne Braun ~ I donated that you’re to the people down there and Miami that lost everything! All I donated was food ,baby food , diapers feminine products shampoo soap, laundry detergent baby powder and some toys! I was in my 20s. I remember seeing so many people come to Melbourne to the hotels and stayed in right on the beach hotels. I remember people were sleeping in their cars because they couldn’t find a hotel because they were all booked up. You are right.. Hurricanes can be very scary but we all need to help each other when something big like that happens. I have family in North Carolina on the west side but I think even flooding can happen inland.

  10. Chicken Nugget says:

    I live in NC. Heh I’m in trouble

  11. Seth :3 says:

    We up in New Jersey sending y’all good vibes

  12. Marisela Elvir says:

    My friends name is florence at school i told her about the hurricane and she said but i dont want to go to carolina AND im not a Hurricane

  13. xCabin3Demigod says:

    bye everyone it was nice knowing you :))

  14. Keyera Gray says:

    Aye Florida got a break from the hurricanes

  15. jess has jams says:

    Welp I’m bout to fly away
    Ugh never faced a big hurricane:(

  16. Sparkys Hookah says:

    Damn weather girl is causing a high pressure system in my pants.

  17. karis mccann says:

    if i get flooded my sims 4 will be destroyed. thanks florence 😍

  18. 5000 subscribers with no videos says:

    *Just put a wall of flex seal on the shoreline of North Carolina, and they’ll be invincible*

  19. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Floridians: it’s about time it isn’t us

  20. Juanito says:

    As a Harvey survivor, good luck and prayers to everyone in NC

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