Hurricane Florence, the Category 3 monster storm

Hurricane Florence, the Category 3 monster storm

Hurricane Florence expected to bring catastrophic flooding to the Southeast, with as much as 40 inches of rain in North Carolina alone.



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  1. Dre4mz4llowed says:

    I’m in South Carolina pray for meπŸ™

  2. news buster says:

    I wouldn’t call Cat. 3 a monster storm. A very strong hurricane, yes. Mangkhut on the other hand is a real killerstorm, with up to 180mph sustained winds. That’s 5+.

  3. Jarred Morris says:

    Did you see the signer? His face was like MF I dont know how to sign Mike Tyson punch!

  4. Elly Lima says:

    Jesus is coming soon!

  5. Teri LaFaye Pistol Poet TM says:

    Think of the lives that will be saved because they listened and prepared for the worst.

    • Scotty - KoDomino says:

      I agree 100%. Fear tactics and fishing for ratings is the game now, we can forget about factual news anymore.

    • Scotty - KoDomino says:

      They have feet or you could go out and take in a few of them yourself to make sure they’re safe. But more than likely you’ll stay safe inside while the homeless guy down the street from you will drown or be buried by a mudslide since you chose to do nothing. Stop acting like you’re really concerned if you’re not willing to help out yourself.

    • Grandma Adelaide says:

      Ayush Shah define safe

    • Grandma Adelaide says:

      Crow On The Banjo are you saying that anyone who dies in these disasters are Not children of god? The lions won’t eat us?

  6. Asian says:

    Guys Trump did this

  7. carl love says:

    should we evacuate in Alaska

  8. Drakkar Dragon says:

    Please EVACUATE ANIMALS, as well!!!

  9. Josh Gonzales says:

    Praying for you Carolinians. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Stay strong and be safe.

  10. Zedekiah The Meta-Sage says:

    People in Carolina be like “iM sAfE iM nOT wORrIeD AbOuT iT”

  11. DontTread0nMe says:

    That old lady is going to die if she tries to use the $20 “boat”. What a moron

  12. UrbanThrowBacc says:

    MEDIA HYPE πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄. This will be a Category 2 by tomorrow then nothing by Friday. The news networks just need a story right now

    • Jonah Coyle says:

      It supposed to have 22 inches of rain and North Carolina been getting rain the whole mouth the fooling will be bad if anythig

    • Lake Abernathy says:

      +fan attic 🀣🀣🀣

    • Andy In it to win says:

      UrbanThrowBacc the Center pressure is 957 a cat 2 storm is 965 or higher NOAA is saying that but I don’t believe them water temperatures are warm and there’s no way in hell there’s a lot of dryness on land it’s been wetter and humid in area for a while and relative humidity averages are 70+ percent so the area is too moist. The US government is reporting half truths they don’t want mass panic and the media is paid to prevent discourse, just making it weaker to stay face

    • UrbanThrowBacc says:

      Andy In it to win Yes! I’m seeing reports that it’s a Category 2 now just like I said. Smh…. It’s good to give warnings but Over exaggeration is not necessary for a breaking news headline and a story to keep viewers engaged. #MediaHype

    • Patti Heatherington says:

      Pays the bills

  13. Queen Leelee Rblx says:


  14. MilesBellas says:


    ABC may have saved her life since she decided to evacuate.

    That hastily bought dingy was not a solution.

  15. Kuttystr8nutty says:

    No electric for weeks and months, bloated dead bodies floating everywhere with maggots and flies, infestation of rats,Β green and black mold growing everywhere, toxic water, rotten food, infection in the water and air, pounding heat and humidity and no air condition! Good luck with that!

  16. Personal Channel says:

    I’m in North Carolina pray for meπŸ™πŸ»

  17. Nahin Khan says:

    God protect all those beautiful people living in that area.

  18. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Are people seriously saying that they are over-exaggerating it? It is going to STALL and dump 40 INCHES of rain. Listen to the actual facts given instead of letting your personal bias and politics blind you.

    • Scotty - KoDomino says:

      Nope, you’re in so much danger!!! Leave now or face the wrath of the storm of the century, are you crazy get out right now don’t grab your kids or loved ones just run…run for your life!!!!!, You’ll be remembered as the dummy who didn’t leave the danger zone. All of youtube is hoping you get out but it doesn’t look good for you. This is so sad. Am I safe? Seriously if you have to ask then no you’re not safe. Get your butt off the PC or laptop or phone and prepare for the storm, we can’t help you.

    • Scotty - KoDomino says:

      yeah but it sure cleaned the streets up a bit right?

    • bip bong says:

      Saints Fan worst in history Lul

    • Richard Taylor says:

      Why would you try to convince an idiot to evacuate? If he or she feels smarter than technology, so be it. Let em stay. Stop circumventing natural selection. That’s how we got here today with billions of humans on the planet, with only about 3 million of them who actually know how to do anything of any consequence.

      Let mother nature clean up a little.

    • NinjaPenguin77664 says:

      +Ayush Shah Not really youre in the threat zone

  19. Julius Karl Zambrano says:

    There was a super typhoon. In the Philippines… Category 5 pls… Pray for the world

    • Crimson says:

      LOL True!!!! Its alright its only atheist who fucking hate life and are always miserable
      And yes its fucking true they call religion bullshit meanwhile we come “from” fucking bacteria in the sea and the universe is made from some particles lol

    • Ellie MM says:

      Yes pray…..Pray as you get the hell out of there. Pray as you get your kids, grandma, grand pa, your animals, important papers and photographs, and get the hell out of that area!!

    • Xlovelyxpassionx says:

      Just let mother fuckin nature do it’s thing don’t mess with it snowflake πŸ˜‚ either get prepared or die..your choice

    • 10 years ago says:

      animus apertus Dont get it. Why are you so negative? Ever wonder why the world gets worse? Because of people like you straight up

    • burnt toast says:

      animus apertus we’re paying our respect goddammit

  20. TheQueenAriel says:

    Y’all my advice to anyone who is living in an area that will be impacted by hurricane Florence, i was impacted my hurricane Irma and let me tell you, by the time it got to where I live (Florida) it was like a category 2 or 3 and huge oak trees fell onto people’s driveways, thank god it didn’t fall on anyone’s houses. There was trees in the road making it hard to drive. Wind was blowing lake water in the air, shit was flooding, all I could hear was things hitting the shutters all day, and there was no power for a little more than a week. It was humid, I slept on my marble floor because it was the only thing cold. It was pitch black and we had to use flashlights, there was no good food to eat because power was off, couldn’t wash clothes or take proper showers. It was hell and I encourage everyone to take this seriously and gtfo if you can afford it. If not then try to stay safe and I’m praying for you guys.

    • Quotius X says:

      omg…i feel like i just lived that vicariously through your description!πŸ˜¬πŸ‘well put! (i know i would definitely gtfo)

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