Hurricane Florence, the storm’s first strike

Hurricane Florence, the storm’s first strike

The storm-force winds are starting to lash North Carolina and officials are imploring residents to evacuate before the dangerous storm surges and flooding take over.



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83 Responses

  1. Alyssa Presley 17 says:

    I am in the direction of the hurricane fayettiville pray and stay safe

  2. trinity christensen says:

    Oml thats bad

    • Handel Somoso says:

      We are seeing the accidents that are befalling us in our world, those that are on the cars, and the games, and that are on the water, and the flame and the fire, and the floods, and the volcanoes, and the earthquakes, and the hurricanes, and all these things. They are perishing. Why? The Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth.
      All these things are warnings that Jesus is near even at the doors (Mat. 24:33). We are living in these last days and Christ is Soon to come with power and great glory.
      God wants us to be saved. He loves us, He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins just so that We can spend eternity with Him.
      And so I encourage you whoever is reading this to Repent your sins and have a relationship with Jesus. Read the Bible because the bible does tell us, that right before Jesus would return there will be earthquakes, famines, pestilences, calamities and disasters (Matthew 24:7). There is Hope in Jesus!! There is Hope, Meaning and Comfort in the Bible. Read it, and you won’t be discouraged!! God Bless!!

    • ItzCako Gamez says:

      trinity christensen It’s not just bad it’s my home. Carolina cost lines Florence is destroying my home….

    • Emily Elizabeth Hall says:

      My bestie is staying in her house alone she’s being hit my catagory

    • siri H says:

      +Emily Elizabeth Hall why didn’t she evacuate?

    • Girls Beauties 360 says:


  3. Mindy Mendoza says:

    God protect all of you ! 😢🧡 , Especially those poor little animals 😪

    • Slattermer Slab says:

      +Richard Ralph Roehl You dont know God my friend many dont…God actually is in control of good and evil…He only shows mercy to whom he chooses to….God kills and he will destroy whom and what he fells like killing and destroying…He can be very un-merciful… The most high is a being of war, a being to be very fearful of a being so powerful that if you laid you eyes upon him it would destroy your soul…But at the same time he can show favor and unconditional love to anyone he chooses to…You can never know him unless it is through his son…i know that is unbelievable to you but when you die your soul will be allowed to see him and your soul will experience pain that is unimaginable for eternity if you dont know him and his laws of this life….you will go to a place called the lake of fire for eternity…lol what the hell is eternity do you know because i try to imagine what forever is an i cant!!! Can you? Btw im not a Christian or non of that but i do know the word and the laws of YHWH

    • Richard Ralph Roehl says:

      +Slattermer Slab
      Aside from being preachy, pedantic and sanctimonious… doth protest too much.

      I am at peace with the god PROCESS. I suspect your magnificent eeego is too insecure for achieving that mindset.

    • Slattermer Slab says:

      +Richard Ralph Roehl lol

    • Kevin Durant 2017&2018 NBA Finals MVP says:

      Stop using emojis.

    • Girls Beauties 360 says:

      God bless you all

  4. Caitlyn Randolphi says:

    I hope my grandma is ok.. praying for my friend Michael. ♡♡♡

  5. REMY Tube says:


  6. Moco Man says:

    If only this was fake news

  7. CHUN-LI says:

    I’m in the East Coast. I hope everyone in the East Coast is somewhere safe and is ok

  8. Ronnie Coffman says:

    Beautiful coverage be safe God Be With you.

  9. Caleb H says:

    that 1 dislike is Florence

  10. Odell Beckham says:

    Stay safe everyone

  11. Asm Jenga says:

    Who been thorough irma in florida I live in Fort Lauderdale

  12. Rebecca Rodgers says:

    Oh My God. Praying for my Family Members all throughout North Carolina. Be Safe Everybody.

  13. Theflamehead14 says:

    Hurricanes need to disappear forever

    • Joe Mannix says:

      +KellyAnn Dean HAARP is a very severe mental problem.

    • Jon Ratchfotd says:

      Actually, we need Hurricanes. They help control the overall temperature of the planet. Think of them as part of the Central Air system of the planet. Everything serves a purpose, even hurricanes. Everyone stay safe.

    • Bangity Bang says:

      Theflamehead14 they’re a force of nature. They’re necessary

    • mvanendhoven says:

      +Cheetos Ortiz After mankind goes extinct, there will still be hurricanes. We just won’t see them anymore, being dead and all.

    • Boris Cabrera says:

      Hurricanes are known since Columbus’ arrival. There are evidence they existed since long time ago…. i can’t see any reason for them to disappear, it’s more probable we disappear instead of them… oh!, off corse, HAARP. Columbus invented HAARP!!!

  14. Linda Hill-Brown says:

    May God Be With us all

  15. It's me, Joolz says:

    We can’t make any absolute predictions. That’s what scares me for the people and animals there.

  16. Changes says:

    Wow this reporters are brave to be outside without protection whatever can just fly and kill them ..God bless them

  17. john rodrigues says:

    God Bless you all I pray he keeps all of safe. I can’t Imagine the anxiety . My heart and prayers go out to the all of you.

  18. Melissa Zwieg says:

    You should be wearing a safety helmet dear heart😌

    • Daniel W. says:

      +Handel Somoso when anything bad happens that means god is brining on the rapture bro for 2000 years ppl have been saying it and it never happens why do you think your right I mean honestly tens of thousands have been saying this crap forever

    • Abdulai Bah says:

      But they have to look cool.

    • texas thunder says:

      President Trump sees a Cat 4 and turned it in to a Cat 1 and right on Q  ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC  still bitching “professional victim syndrome” People was told to evacuate!! people knew for 5 days!!  150 Darwin Award winners  ‘trapped on roofs and in vehicles’ !!!

    • Girls Beauties 360 says:


  19. agruiz88 says:

    Our prayers from PUERTO RICO.

  20. Lora Marbles OFFICIAL says:

    I Love USA LI!KE

    , Do You Wa!nna Wa!tch It With Me On My Co!uch ?

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