Hurricane hunter flies over Category 4 storm Florence

Hurricane hunter flies over Category 4 storm Florence

As Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast of the United States, the governors of Virginia, North and South Carolina have issued mandatory evacuation orders affecting hundreds of thousands of residents in coastal areas.

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96 Responses

  1. Cosmic Pizza says:

    have you tried saying, “swiper no swiping?” usually works

  2. rony vlogs ! says:

    Fuck imma die

  3. Conk says:

    i live in mid NC and my neighbors just cut down these 2 big ass trees right outside my room. nice

  4. Alexandra Dennehy says:

    For all the people who will be affected by the hurricane, I hope you stay safe. This hurricane will be rough. Best wishes. ♡

    • Spilt Tea says:

      I’m praying to god My family and I will be ok

    • andy juarez says:

      Thank you man im praying jesus

    • Hasan Sandal says:

      Karinne Alleyne  God bleds you

    • Janie Donald says:

      hey everyone down south! trumps got some towels to throw at all of yall. look like u all said, everyone will be fine. im sure there will only be minor damage and no death at all. you taught us everyone can take care of themselves just like in Puerto Rico. americans will be fine. right? 😉 good luck with tht. im sure karma isnt real because if it is? this is gonna hurt. although gonna be tough to solve anything with thoughts and prayers. you need $$$$$$ and usa community support. country is makin lots of money so ah well. yall will be fine. good luck with that.

    • Ajarharpy0 says:

      I’m in it to thanks

  5. Blessing Bless says:

    Come to Dallas People, we are safe this time around, my prayers to all of us, just hate these hurricanes, God have mercy on us all in Jesus name Amen.

    • ErieBerry J says:

      You sound like a fucking idiot. It’s annoying when people always say “Couldn’t God have stopped this blah blah blah” Shit happens get over it. God can’t make everything sunshine and rainbows. And this person was just spreading positive vibes so quit reaching for drama 🤦

    • Flakita R says:

      Yes go ANYWHERE but GEORGIA… we still got ppl from Katrina we can’t get rid of 😂😂😂😂

    • Niccolò Machiavelli says:

      +ErieBerry J God can make everything sunshine and rainbows. In fact he did. In Eden. Prior to the fall. You want to know who screwed it up? Us. Not God.

    • xpose bandwagons 777 says:

      +Evan lts ok the world persecuted and hated Jesus Christ as well
      John 15:18 – If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before [it hated] you.

      2 Timothy 3:12 – Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

    • Spilt Tea says:

      I wish I could but we don’t have time to evacuate is we leave now we’ll get caught in it

  6. Matthew Zablocki says:

    Staged!! Crisis actors! The hurricane is a paid actor!-

  7. Selvin Maldonado says:

    I live in Winchester, Virginia which is in the north West side of VA, literally right beside West Virginia. Should I be worried? Btw I’m praying for all of you guys. #Prayforcarolinas

  8. Gurjas Sangha says:

    I wish the hurricane was where the fires are so there would be no fires

  9. Jupiter Jewelz says:

    I thought another hurricane called Hunter was flying over hurricane Florence!

  10. alex getty says:

    Meanwhile all the doomsday preppers have months worth of food laughing at the people that thought they were crazy

    • Walker Shawn says:

      Talk about melodramatic

    • FooBar Maximus says:

      So you’re gloating because some people might die? What is wrong with you?

    • Walther Penne says:

      No. He just feels “Schadenfreude”…xD
      See? This storm might be even more deadly than the storms from 2017. People warned about situations like these 10 years ago. Those who are unprepared now might/will die. Just that simple.

    • Walther Penne says:

      I wouldn´t be so sure about that, dude…It might be, if this storm is even more powerful than any ever before, it will take months to restore power instead of justa few weeks. The truth is: Nobody knows. They all just grasp on their straws…but if these break, it´s “checkmate”, dude.

    • Gray13145 says:

      Looters will be a big problem. If you have unauthorized persons on your property – then you can legally protect yourselves and property. I suggest setting up trail cams in rural areas around around residence. Cameras, any way, you can in Suburban areas. It will less work for us after the storm clears, and you will have defensive evidence for us.

      Both SC and NC have Castle Doctrines and No Duty to Retreat – use them for Your and Your Families safety. Do not become another Looter/Black Crime Homicide or Sexual Assault Hurricane Statistic. I was brought in as out-of-state relief during and after, Hurricanes Andrew/Katrina/Harvey/Irma and lived through Hugo. Getting shot at during Katrina and Harvey, was frankly, just annoying.

      I took all of my firearms/wife and children to my Parent’s Farm, further inland, but I also brought them an additional 5,000 rounds of ammunition and spent the day giving them training, especially the women/young ladies(My Mother, Wife and Daughters). My Father already knows what to do, being a Veteran and also former-State LE, like myself. I am starting in a few hours going on duty for the Evacuation Efforts and then S&R efforts, until stood down by the State; which could be weeks or months before I get to come home.

      Some words of advice and I suggest heed them closely: Do not point or shoot any firearm at any First Responders. We are arming all Fire-Rescue, EMT, DoT and Power Crews, as well. It will turn it into your last day, if you do so, especially in Mandatory Evacuation Zones.

  11. Funk Masta says:

    Hopefully everyone is okay. I’m sending my thoughts and prayers too everyone affected by this storm. I’m from California so I don’t half too deal with this crazy stuff.

    • Bobby Zullo says:

      Funk Masta instead we just have a seemingly never ending fire season and the largest fire California has ever seen this year

    • Salt Mage says:

      Dont you think the creator of the universe would have seen this hurricane coming billions of years before it forms? then this idiot person on YouTube thinks he can command god or ask god to do something he already let happen.. simple fool prayers are worthless

    • Funk Masta says:

      Bobby Zullo yes the fires are just crazy.

    • Funk Masta says:

      Salt Mage I ain’t a idiot I’m being nice about it and you half too be so sensitive about it.

  12. ben fuller says:

    Sigh you guys made people several hundred miles inland buy ALL the bread and milk on groceries day…

  13. MovedMasterMike says:

    Lmao I initially thought that a second hurricane called Hunter was flying over hurricane Florence. Wtf…..

  14. CCC Elaena says:

    News : Everyone must evacuate and clear the area now!

    Everyone : yes

    (Hurricane comes)

    The news told y’all to evacuate and ya didn’t listen

    Everyone : yes

  15. noT_Mousey 1 says:

    The world jus blows me away sometimes

  16. Subliminally Multicultural says:

    God please remove this storm from the world. Thanks

  17. Juan Molina says:

    I’m in North Carolina, prayers for me and the family 😭

  18. NidgeDFX says:

    wow CNN actually reporting RE AL NEWS xD

  19. Mama&BabyMajor HTD says:

    Oh my god please pray for me and baby major …we were homeless soo long WE FINALLY GET A STABLE PLACE AND THIS HAPPENS please pray for us 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. Hard Candy says:

    Katrina survivor here: Please be safe. Do not mess around with these storms! They are beyond our control. Just get out the way if you can!

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