Hurricane Ian Destroyed My Hometown!

Hurricane Ian Destroyed My Hometown!

On September 28, Hurricane Ian hit Englewood, Florida, causing heavy flooding, ripping roofs off residents’ houses and leveling buildings, forcing thousands to evacuate.

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25 Responses

  1. Danny Duncan says:

    fundraiser shirts available at .. all proceeds will go to help families in need in Englewood, FL

  2. CUFBOYS says:

    glad your family is good. footage was heartbreaking. love u danny.

  3. Max Murphy says:

    I had absolutely no clue that hurricane Ian was this bad. Heart goes out to these families.

  4. 27neverlose says:

    Nice to see Danny helping people and taking care of a dog that just showed up looking for shelter, food and safety….
    Much respect for doing the right thing

  5. UnlocKingParadoxes says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families effected by this hurricane.

  6. Mutt 1040 says:

    Danny is such a genuine kind person I’m glad to see he’s doing all he can to help and he’s putting smiles on faces that life’s and homes have been destroyed all while keeping his sense of humor

  7. 悪夢Akkumu says:

    So good to see you’re alright Danny. Already helping people recover too. This is why we love danny

  8. Dez 01 says:

    I wish I could do this for people in need. Thank you Danny for all the things you do to support other people!

  9. Midwest Mike says:

    Good to see you back on here helping people as usual. I honestly didn’t realize how close you were to my family until the hurricane hit! My parents house in Cape Coral and my Aunts Uncle’s and cousins all around Sarasota and Bradenton. Sad to see the destruction in many of those area’s I enjoyed over the years. Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel were such great memories for myself. 🙏Florida🙏and all the people that lost during this major hurricane.

  10. Zach Suggs says:

    Thank you for helping. You didn’t think you were doing anything but people are trapped and you are helping in the way you can. I’m glad i support you to be able to help. you do these things for strangers and it really makes me feel good knowing those people are going to be a little bit better.

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