Hurricane Ian lays waste to Florida

Hurricane Ian lays waste to Florida

The catastrophic storm left a trail of inland flooding, wind damage and death as it swept through Florida.


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  1. Satori says:

    My son lives in Fort Myers, he evacuated out of state to my house. He is lucky his house has minor damage, but they know so many who lost it all. My daughter in law worked on Sanibel Island. My son went through hurricane Katrina with us as a teenager and knew to get out. No two storms are the same and if you are faced with a storm this bad just get out, just because the last storm didn’t harm you does not mean the next one wont. This video reminds me of how the Mississippi coast looked after Katrina, Just heartbreaking.

  2. NollaGirl504 says:

    Im praying for everyone effected by this storm. I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, I evacuated and came back to nothing. I understand why many chose to stay instead of evacuate. With record inflation, people cannot afford to travel and stay in hotels. It’s very expensive to evacuate.

  3. bilanoid22 says:

    This surely brings back haunting traumatic memories of hurricane Hugo, 1989 on the island of St. Croix USVI. We were completely decimated. We were presented with a much similar scene the day after. It was one of the most traumatizing experiences to have gone through. My heart goes out to all trying to figure out what their next step is in the aftermath of this wicked storm. May God give you all the strength to carry on 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Kelly Motty says:

    Sending my prayers to all those affected
    Stay safe and look after each other
    ❤ From Australia

  5. Teena T says:

    These storms are getting absolutely massive. This one was LARGER than our entire state! Couldn’t see Florida at all past the hurricane in the satellite photos, and it was stretching over half of Cuba at the same time! Ridiculously massive.
    I was in Jacksonville, northeast Florida. When it made landfall in the south west, we started getting hit by the outer bands- and it was already knocking tree branches off and sending debris around. I can’t imagine how it would have been to be in Fort Myers… Sending love to all.

  6. how it feels to chew five gum says:

    Former Floridian here and let me just say this is incredibly upsetting. Like how do the residents even recover from this? By the time the city is rebuilt it’ll be hurricane season again. Very sad.

  7. CYR says:

    I live in Cape Coral, and I decided to stay. I lived through Hurricane Andrew and Andrew had nothing on Ian. My kids, mother and I were terrified from all the debri that hit the windows. I had shutters up but some flew away. Half of my roof is missing shingles and all panels are gone but we did not get the flooding that others are experiencing now. Ian has caused complete and utter devastation. The electric grid has to be completely reconstructed. We have no idea how long we’ll be without water and power. I was raised in Miami and just moved here a year ago but I’ll be moving out of Fl in the near future. Its not wort living here with the type of climate we are living through. My heart goes out to everyone here…

    • Dee says:

      @ShadowFox94 according to senator lankford of oklahoma.. he associates weather to Prayer. I agree with you. Prayer has nothing to do with it. I have family in central Florida they have no power right now.

    • Brian Baer says:

      Andrew had fast winds and killed more people

    • Will David says:

      Jamal is obviously a troll account. Just look at some of their other YouTube comments

    • Mike Roa Greschen says:

      Prayed for you. I hope your situation improves.

    • I’m me All day everyday says:

      @Paul R hurricanes don’t go up that way, I live in an island my whole life and we have had about 10 hurricanes but 3 of those were major cat 5 and another cat 4 all those did massive damage but the smaller ones like cat 2 and under were not bad, we don’t get 1 every year and last cat 5 we had was 4 years ago but prior to that it was 20 years

  8. Lee Harwood says:

    I’m praying for everyone affected by this storm, I’m in England and I couldn’t imagine having to go through something like like. Stay safe guys

    • chevy vett says:

      Thanks brother that means a lot I’m in Central Florida just got done writing out that hurricane It was no joke and not for the faint of heart

  9. MaKhani Arcane says:

    😢It’s such a tragedy that the hurricane struck Florida so hard but I am glad to see everyone coming together and helping each other in this drastic time of need. Continuing to send prayers.

  10. Lady B says:

    Some of these pictures looks so much like the Midwest after a tornado. This is devastating. Prayers to everyone affected.

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