Hurricane Ida vs. Hurricane Katrina: Comparing the two storms

Hurricane Ida vs. Hurricane Katrina: Comparing the two storms

There are a lot of similarities between the two storms. WFAA meteorologist Jessie Hawila compares them.
Many people are drawing comparisons between Ida and Katrina. Eerily enough, they’re expected to share the same date of landfall. Katrina was August 29, 2005 and Ida will make landfall August 29, 2021. While there are tons of similarities to be found, subtle differences between the two could make a big difference in what happens in New Orleans.

The storm surge with Hurricane Ida is expected to be extreme and life-threatening. Some parts of the Louisiana coast could see storms surge of 10-15 feet.


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32 Responses

  1. Doug Devine says:

    And that’s not the 🌪️ that might come with it.

  2. P Score says:

    Maybe instead of a wall with Mexico we should have a wall with the gulf of Mexico?

  3. Nidia Luccioni says:

    Stay Safe Everyone In Louisiana From Hurricane Ida
    With “Extremely Destructive Force”
    Take Care Everyone
    My prayers are with you

    • Jesus vertreibt dämonische Stimmen aus dem Kopf says:

      Every storm is a warning from JESUS CHRIST! People around the world must repent!

    • Marisa Dalla Valle says:

      Don’t forget Mississippi, with Katrina everyone spoke about New Orleans when it actually hit the Mississippi coast. The levees broke the next day.

    • Gregory Dunn says:

      We all hope and pray u all stay safe in these storm areas

  4. Kenneth Brown says:

    I saw this on my schools tv, they were showing the aftermath of Katrina… I swear what he just said doesn’t come true and combine the fact of that levee system to. Please stay safe in New Orleans, the surrounding areas as well! I’m getting so concerned even now!

  5. Mark Ive says:

    Amazing how tornadoes & hurricanes follow same routes ,very interesting tracking past storms . Praying 🙏 for peoples safety.please listen to the people in the know .

  6. Sand Marcus says:

    Hurricane Sally last year landed the same day that Hurricane Ivan did.

  7. William Castillo says:

    As a Houstonian , I thought Harvey was going to be strong .. but not as overpowered as it came , get out now!

  8. Uffe Ehlers says:

    Same day, almost exactly same track….:
    It wouldn’t surprise me to hear some crazy conspiracy theories soon…
    All craziness aside I’m seriously praying for safety for everyone in the critical areas!!

  9. K It says:

    Very interesting & smart comparison to add history to projections. Only weather news station I’ve seen so this. I hope everyone leaves & is safe.

  10. Ricardo Sebastian says:

    Due to today’s serious events, including the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies and employees have gone bankrupt or lost their jobs. So, many people lost their livelihood.
    This previously difficult situation is being exacerbated by disasters in various parts of the world. So man faces many problems that make others lose hope. (from the Philippines)

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