Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

Lane Pittman. Slayer. America. Hurricane Matthew. Turn it up! Where you at Emma Watson?!

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20 Responses

  1. Ravensblood 117 says:

    R.I.P dumbass.

  2. tromboner2012 says:

    that was literally the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen a man do

  3. SPACE POTATO says:

    I believe this boy just wants to Make America Great Again!

  4. Angel Corral says:

    This guy killed mathew and his children.

  5. Mad Matt says:

    The hero America needs.

  6. Christinah Moore says:

    We need people like this joyful dude to make people put politics aside and
    laugh again. Come on let’s rejoice, its not that serious! Bless you dude!

  7. Handyman Aleks says:

    That’s Slayer

  8. FLExteriorCleaning says:

    Music should’ve been “America, Fuck Yeah!”

  9. NoChinisHere says:

    This is the same guy that got arrested last year on the 4th of July while
    playing the National anthem. He’s a legend.

  10. Gamacios says:

    lmaoooooo if Lt Dan still had legs

  11. SGKatrox says:


  12. Growlenstein says:

    Donald Trump needs to employ this man americanism not globalism

  13. Mel Alvarez says:

    lol the flag just makes it so much better for some reason

  14. Top10Archive says:


  15. Oklevitch says:

    If I was a girl, I’d be as wet as Florida right now.

  16. Gamemaniac01 says:

    And this is the origin story of the new superhero…Hurockcane

  17. Yenawa says:


  18. ZzAaCcHh ? says:

    This is gold

  19. DrewZilla “-Zilla” Kill-a says:

    Warning headphone users!

  20. Kermit The Toad says:

    At least his stupidity was patriotic :/