Hurricane Michael leaves neighborhood underwater

Hurricane Michael leaves neighborhood underwater

New video out of Mexico Beach, Florida, shows a glimpse of the damage from Hurricane Michael.

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  1. Noel R McConnell says:

    Omg I’m praying for Florida

  2. 7 subs but no videos? says:

    *We were talking about this in school wow this is scarier than I thought*

  3. James Lingard says:

    This storm is worse than Florence

  4. Jalen Barber says:

    I see the Republicans In Florida are still running attack ads even during a hurricane how pathetic

    • James Bryce says:

      You are a brainwashed minion of the Satanic left. Keep watching CNN imbecile sheep.

    • kgbeezr75 says:

      Of course, they’re cunts. Look no further than comment threads and you understand why they do little more than pay insincere lip service to the idea of greater concern and compassion. They really can’t help it, they were born that way.

    • Mary S. says:

      Jalen Barber : aren’t you surprise, they don’t blame the stom on Obama & the Clintons , believe me when they their I’ll educated fanatics will believe it .

    • MrRickostby says:

      I see that Jalen Barber needs to crawl back in between Hillary’s legs and finish the job. Now get back to work Wimp and tell her to douche. Your breath is killing us!

    • XBiblicalXReaperYT says:

      +Key Gen like trump supporter said cry me a river key πŸ˜‚

  5. Frank King says:

    Donate foods and clothes. Dont send money because FEMA is a Corrupt Agency.

  6. kiss butt says:

    We didnt think it was going to be this bad……… πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  7. 601salsa says:

    God let the people in those areas be alright, buildings can be replaced lives cant. Stay safe be smart.

    • 601salsa says:

      Rune Jensen right now i am more concerned about the americans in need of help and support after this hurricane. It doesnt matter what political view a person has when you or they need help. The american patriotic thing to do is help…. so how about stop being part of the divisivness and start being part of the solution in the best way that shows the world what being an american really means..

    • Sam Downer says:

      George Foster. Do you lose your balance carying two heads around all day?

    • The great Canadian bagel says:

      I’m sorry you got a million hate comments on your oneΒ compassionate comment. It’s scary to think we live among people like these commenters in the world. Reading youtube comments really makes me feel unsafe to live in this crazy world because we are surrounded by psycho idiots.

  8. Stacy Ezel says:

    God bless the families affected by this terrible Hurricane Michael. #globalwarmingisreal

  9. e4r says:

    Meanwhile your president thinks climate change is a chineese hoax …

    • mjknopp says:

      Silly statement

    • Richie O'Donnell says:

      e4r the climate is always changing. Heating up and cooling down. Ice ages and hot periods.

    • WetBackDory says:

      Ok hurricanes may be natural but why is it happening more often and started earlier than actual hurricane season? They’re coming bigger and in more forms. It’s rare to have hurricanes towards the west coast like really rare, there was only one here before a longgggg time ago then all of a sudden this year one headed towards our way?

    • Disturbed Patient says:

      Cool Beans You’re fucked in the head

  10. WOOT_WOOT says:

    I’m in savannah and I’m TERRIFIED

  11. Michael RCH says:

    W. T. F. That is f’ing biblically catastrophic.
    This is not normal folks. I’m not just saying that. The weather people have said that storms like this, with so much rain and such huge storm surge due to the massive size of the storm, should be incredibly rare. But now they keep on coming, over and over. This is worse than Florence and poor NC is still recovering from that..
    Andrew was bad but it was isolated. This is part of a terrible pattern.
    It’s time to vote for someone who recognises that this is the result of man made climate change and that we must act now to stop it getting worse. Think about your kids and grandkids folks. This shouldn’t be a political issue but if the GOP won’t do anything about it then it will have to be the Dems. We should all care about the future of our planet, our country, our town and our family.

    • Michael RCH says:

      The three worst years in history for storm damage in the US have been in the last 7 years. 6 of the years between 2011 and 2017 had damage significantly above the historical average, and 2018 will probably make that another one.
      Yes, Andrew was bad but it was ISOLATED. Now these huge storms happen pretty much every year – sometimes more than one in the same year. And this isn’t even a warm year. Next year is likely to be an El NiΓ±o year (they come around every 6-7 years. That means warmer conditions in the Atlantic and EVEN WORSE storms.
      Please stop believing Fox News and the politicians. They don’t know what they are talking about. Scientists DO because they make it theirs life’s work to understand. And all the scientists and are saying LOUD AND CLEAR, man made climate change is happening and if we don’t act now, storms like this will happen all the time along with droughts, more huge fires, more crop failures, more water shortages, more ecosystem collapse, more coral reefs dying etc,
      And be aware that that will cause huge migration from poor hot countries to richer temperate ones. I am talking about migration in the billions. Most equatorial and tropical areas will become uninhabitable over time as agriculture will collapse. That means waves of immigration to the US and Europe on a scale you can barely imagine. You won’t be able to stop it because of the numbers and the desperation of these migrants. They will be fleeing deserts to live anywhere that there is food and water. The whole world will be completely transformed.
      Unless we act now.

    • Michael RCH says:

      Princess Yonna
      You look pretty young in your profile pic. This will be your problem more than it is mine. I will be dead when the worst of the effects of climate change roll around. But you won’t, and my kids won’t.

      Here’s a question. Who do you think deserves your trust more?

      1 scientists who made your phone and the Internet and modern medicine and healthcare and electricity and modern materials and our modern transport system and basically everything that makes your life possible, or

      2 corporations and politicians who covered up that smoking causes cancer, or covered up that seat belts save lives, or covered up that lead in petrol and paint causes brain disease or covered up that CFCs destroy the ozone layer or covered up that cars were emitting dangerous amounts of pollution into our cities or who covered up that dirty fuels were causing acid rain etc etc etc.


      Does it even need to be a question? The current government is deliberately replacing anyone who might be honest on this subject with men who worked in the fossil fuel industry. They are removing scientists from the EPA because they keep saying inconvenient things about the fossil fuel industry. The likes of the right wing Heartland foundation are spending hundreds of millions of dollars deliberately and knowingly spreading misinformed and lies. There is proof of what they are doing and how they are doing it.

      Meanwhile, every scientific academy in the world says we are dangerously warming the climate. Literally 1000s of scientific studies going back decades, even back to the 19th century, say it. All the evidence of our own eyes says it.

      Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch your future be taken away from you. Please please fight for it. Vote for whoever accepts that this is a huge problem and says they will help take action. Support any cause you find that is taking action, either lobbying or practical changes. Like I say, this is your future.

      If you want any information or sources, please let me know. I am happy to help.

    • Michael Miller says:

      damn democrats can’t do crap about nothing,except to lie on people

    • Sheri Havens says:

      +Lisa Ruth Why didn’t your God stop the storm? Jesus was not a god. But people have turned him into one. End time crap was created in the 1850’s by a rich man named John Darby. He and his cult were kicked out of England and he brought his twisted views to America.

    • michael caraway says:

      to make landfall in the US, clarify your statement, You might want to check your sources since there were 3 cat 5 hurricanes happening at the same time last season that did not make landfall as cat 5 luckily. Just because they do not make landfall in the US does not mean they are not happening, we’ve been lucky.

  12. Jase Boon says:


  13. Missna Missna says:

    Ride out the storm!!!? Does anyone ever listen to official warnings?!!😲

    • Missna Missna says:

      +parishcolin09 yes I have. As a matter of fact. My Uncle decided to ride the storm and he was left with only 4 poles and the water up to his neck. We were smart to leave.

    • feuriger Stern says:

      How do you “ride out the storm” when the water level reaches 9 feet and houses are submerged? Is “riding out the storm” mean you tread water mixed with sewerage, downed electrical power lines and animal carcasses floating by?

    • parishcolin09 says:

      +Missna Missna that sounds overly dramatic. My home is on 8 ft piers and I got 12 ft overall during Harvey. 4 feet inside. It was a rushing river and the house survived. I was swimming in a wetsuit in it. My washer and dryer still work. Electric stove still works. Power tools still work. All the Ikea shit fell apart like cardboard. Lucky I parked a car way up the street. I had Family in Austin to run to. Not every one has that. You don’t get Fema support for a few weeks. If you have resources to contact them. (Internet) because calling is useless. I’ve rode out hurricanes back when I was poor and couldn’t afford a hotel and feed my family every day for up to two weeks. Sounds like you have no empathy.

  14. Jesus is KING says:

    This hurricane should hit the white house and flood the swamp.

  15. Sean W says:

    They should name these storms after people in the dump administration. This could be hurricane Ivanka.

  16. ThE BeSt ! says:

    Republican’s will defund FEMA next !
    Oh yeah they did that already so they could play the race card with ICE .

    • Matthew Senavitis says:

      Democrats would do no better then the rest of the government, Democrats would raise taxes to cover the cost.

    • Dingle Stingle says:

      Are you joking? Or are you 6 years old? So everyone move out of every coastal state in America? Move out of the mid west like Tornado alley? Where are we all going to live? Can’t go to Chicago because more people will die tonight in Chicago then from this storm. Guess you’re not tired of your tax dollars going to blow up other countries and then having to take in the survivors of the people we blew up and our crime sky rockets even higher while your tax dollars are paying their whole ride.

    • George Foster says:

      Dingle Stringle. Blame politicians with dual American/Israeli citizenships forΒ  using taxpayer money blowing up the Muslims and getting them out of the middle east and away from Israel. Too bad people are distracted by their fake news.

    • B Brunson says:

      Oh sure. Remember kids only socialism can save you. The evil Republicans are looking for your grandma, so they can throw her off a cliff. When will this stupid political war ever going to end? Republicans are not defunding FEMA, nor are they racist. The First Lady is an immigrant and she was born behind the Iron Curtain. Really?

  17. eventvisionsinc says:

    I went thru Andrew 1992 it was Devastating, it took years to recover. It change the building codes here in broward and Dade County

    • Bungholio says:

      +Courtney Love where did you end up moving to? I was in Homestead in 1992 as well but moved away in 2010 to Tallahassee. I hate South Florida now it’s awful, expensive, hot and crowded. I would just rather be anywhere else than in Dade county.

    • John Stevens says:

      Yeah I went thru Katrina, Florence, and Sandy and I’m still here , noting like a good old fashion hurricane for population control

    • Princess Yonna says:

      +Dan Wipper wtf 1935 .. my great grandma was a baby than lol

    • Courtney Love says:

      +Bungholio we ended up settling about an hour north of Tampa. Definitely get more bang for your buck up here, and it also has that old Florida Town feel!

    • Bungholio says:

      +Courtney Love yup are you in Hernando/Citrus county? I definitely agree your dollar goes way further. But you aren’t safe from major hurricanes even in the Tampa area. Everywhere in Florida is hurricane prone… even here in Tallahassee we got spared the worst from Michael. The only thing we lost was power and a few trees.

  18. Concrete Lightbulb says:

    It’s going to take a lot of paper towels to clean up that mess.

  19. Keith Carey says:

    Puerto Rico got hit by two of these hurricanes

  20. J O says:

    She says she is fine, but she is in shock πŸ™ get her help please

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