Hurricane Nate makes landfall near Mississippi River

Hurricane Nate makes landfall near Mississippi River

Fourth major storm in two months lands as category 1 hurricane.

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20 Responses

  1. Boondock Saint says:

    Well, woopie shit!

  2. Angel Asmodeus says:

    What pretty eyes on this lady !!

  3. t4705mb6 says:

    To the woo woos:
    This is all normal Earth. No ghost is at the controls of the cosmos and weather doesn’t single out anyone and doesn’t punish anyone.
    It’s called —- “nature” — and has been going on for billions of years.

  4. Swift Hit says:

    This is my first hurricane pray for me.

  5. NightH617 says:

    Seriously?! I live in AL right now and didnt notice the storm. No wonder it was raining all night 😁😁

  6. abdel abdel says:


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  7. Den Gang says:

    Is mother nature drunk?

  8. Dirt Riding says:

    Jesus, these names of hurricanes are just weird. Nate is the least threatening name out there, I should know, it’s my name.

  9. Balta Bueno says:

    At this rate we’re gonna begin 2018 with only 10 states lol

  10. Snowy Llama says:

    Crapp. I’m scared for my family in Alabama.. they only have one floor houses, and one of my grandmas cannot leave the house because of her disabilities.

  11. Urpupdixie says:

    The hurricane is hitting me but it’s only gonna be rain

  12. Anders Karlsson says:

    Not Trump
    He would not use the f word

  13. Zachary Cadena says:

    Is this the end of the world?!?!

  14. Mark Jacob says:

    Real Estate Prices should drop in South with all these hurricanes..

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  16. The Night king says:

    No hurricane can stop a porn audition!

  17. Matt Hayes says:

    wow 19 k views in 19 hours… this should totally be on trending

  18. Selena's Main Chick says:

    At first I thought she said “This is a false news alert.”

  19. Gk2011 says:

    Glad to see more evidence of Climate change being fake.

  20. Ahmed Ghoneim says:

    Does anyone else think that the government is making the hurricanes. How could 4 hurricanes come within 2 months. Pretty suspicious

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