Husband runs over, kills wife at Maryland bank, police say | FOX 5 DC

Husband runs over, kills wife at Maryland bank, police say | FOX 5 DC

Montgomery County police say a husband ran over his wife this afternoon at the Capitol One Bank on New Hampshire Ave in Silver Spring around noon on Friday. READ MORE:



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50 Responses

  1. Rick Voorhees says:

    When you don’t think about the consequences of your hatred….

  2. J rome says:

    “Till death do us apart “ doesn’t mean go ahead kill your spouse .. once again we see another senseless crime. May her soul Rest In Peace.

    • Mona Nina says:

      @MeMyselfAndIUntilDeath 1 hussy or nut u don’t run another living creature over 😳

    • Donique Whonder says:

      I mean seriously right

    • The only sun az says:

      When you find out your kids aren’t yours!

    • Daebak says:

      The age of grace aka church age is soon coming to an end. World govts are colluding together at the expense of their own citizens to usher in new world order. New world order led by obama and pope francis is coming. Jesus christ is coming back for the rapture. Get ready. Dont believe the coming ufo alien abduction narrative

    • Yvette Veres says:

      i wonder ….
      Maybe he killed her for being a Saint😎

  3. brenda redmond says:

    So much pain and anger in the world. It’s just so sad.

    • Derek Birtch says:

      I’m pretty sure Jesus mentioned something along these lines a few times

    • Shirmel Duggins says:

      From the start of COVID, I told my SO that anyone who watched Lord of the Rings would realize that iseguard unleased – that’s what we are living through now.
      Every day gets crazier than the day that just passed. And we have no seen anything yet. People have too much angry in them and the slightest thing they explode

    • winning says:

      @Orlando Magician ok mister throw yourself a pity party cry me a river of baloney

    • winning says:

      @Rus Buda when you under the wheels of a wife you will also be called strong independent dood. ☺

    • winning says:

      @MarQ pathetic excuse if a dood is crying about child support then hes a low wage earners aka a bumm. Back in the old day’s doods who were low wage earners were laughed at and remained spinsters forever.

  4. Steven Van Heemst says:

    People are losing it..this is depressing.

  5. Alison Fowler says:

    Absolutely horrific. Praying and love being sent to all who love and will miss her.

  6. Garden Jen's Journey says:

    So scary. We had something similar happen in a town not far from us, quite a few years back. An abusive husband couldn’t handle his wife leaving him, so he killed her, in a similar fashion, at her place of employment. 😔

    • A. Linn says:

      @Steve Copper unless it’s in immediate self defense as the only escape from a lethal threat, murder is not the answer.

    • C T says:

      @Steve Copper ew. If you’re an abuser just say that.

    • Marley Brown says:

      @Not Your Average Joe
      So what if he was a pastor? It says in the Bible to watch out for false prophets meaning false leaders like this so called “pastor” I suggest you read the Bible for you can open up your eyes that all people including you and me are born sinners Naturally. I don’t like how non believers think that all pastors are saints and then they say and he was a “pastor”

    • winning says:

      @Tom Conlin This is why women are not trusting doods anymore or even want to date them because they could end up in the news dead.

    • SoulFor Sale says:

      Don’t do the cheating if you can’t take the beating

  7. Workout Warrior says:

    Damn what a horrific thing to do to another human, especially one you shared vows with.. prayers to her kids and all who knew her..

    • Devil_xix says:

      @Anna L. Vajda she got plowed down by a car

    • Workout Warrior says:

      @dread assembly yeah I don’t know about those incidents, that’s F’d up if those people didn’t get any time.. society has grown cold, and social media plays a big role in this viewpoint.. the way things are today, I don’t pass anything by anyone, I think generally we are all capable of doing horrendous things but then there are those who actually go through with it…

    • Jacob Petrushka says:

      @TruBlu you think it has ever been different watch the 1967 movie In cold Blood. People kill people the best thing you can do is not be killed by them. It doesn’t matter what era people will do these things just slightly more advanced apes we all are.

    • Jacob Petrushka says:

      @winning people who are winning don’t respond to random people on YouTube videos insulting them. I may be screwing around on YouTube but I’m not claiming I’m winning when all you did was say don’t victim blame.

    • Kaprece Petty says:

      @viriathus aurelius so true

  8. Peyton Collins says:

    Rip may the man get what he deserves and i’m praying for the family and kids

  9. Brian Lawhon says:

    Never know how death will come, but this was unimaginable. I swear that people get possessed by evil.

  10. TruthB Told2021 says:

    Ridiculous. It’s too easy to just walk away and divorce unless you’re married to a sociopathic weak virus that isn’t capable or processing your weak emotions. Prayers to the family involved with this selfish piece of 💩.

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