That’s right, for the first time ever daddy announces the pregnancy to mommy!
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This is how we’re announcing it to the family:

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20 Responses

  1. Lakiya Freeman says:

    Congratulations looks like Abram is not the baby anymore yay

  2. Hils Lo says:

    I came here because of Judy from +itsJudysLife too cute!!!

  3. Kaylien Magana says:

    sooo cute

  4. Daniel Nguyen says:

    how cute!

  5. Zayra Rodriguez says:

    Congrats you two ???

  6. Sandra Munguia Soto says:


  7. unitypixie Halliwell says:

    Its defo a boy 🙂

  8. Julie Spady says:

    Channel 12 news in Portland, Oregon put this video on their FB page!! You
    guys are famous!!! Very cute!!

  9. J. Irwin says:

    This is so adorable!! ??

  10. KT C says:


  11. Jade Robinson says:

    Lol Great video. I just started my channel, would love for you all to check
    it out & subscribe 🙂 XO

  12. Brenda Ibarra says:

    I wonder what Sandy’s reaction was

  13. Isabelle dos Reis Stella says:

    congratulations!!! i wish happiness and love for you!

  14. Kallie Maschino says:

    I love this….

  15. GuitarBrother says:

    Beautiful, God bless guys. Awesome video. Sam what a great way to surprise

  16. Maddie Young says:

    This is so cute.

  17. Debbie Olak says:

    Congrats that’s amazing!!! My 6 year old daughter asked if the two lines in
    the test means Nias having 2 babies!!! Wouldn’t that be fun!!!! Love you
    guys thanks for sharing so soon with us!!!!

  18. AngelAtTwilight says:

    Awww!!!! This is adorable. I want to be pregnant again!

  19. Nick Bangayan says:

    What’s his job?

  20. Lyndae May G says:

    Sams reaction when he first found out was PRICELESS????? This brought
    tears to my eyes! What a beautiful family!!? They have gorgeous children
    too, with a kind heart! Congrats you guys on your new addition to your
    family! ??????