Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! (Funny Dogs)

Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! (Funny Dogs)

Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! At first they act funny but the they don’t mind the shoes at all.

Booster Dog Bath –

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57 Responses

  1. Germanium says:

    DANG Pashtet’s gettin’ big fast!

  2. DJI amrekane says:


  3. Jonamer 555 says:

    WHAT R THOSE???!!!

  4. Laura Thomson says:

    This was way too entertaining 😂😂

  5. howtoPRANKitup says:


  6. howtoPRANKitup says:

    When he starts walking is the best

  7. Flicks Plays says:

    1:56 *Ligma at it’s highest stage*

  8. DORIS MASBACK says:

    And one of these days these “shoes” are going to walk all over you!

  9. Stefano Fulciniti says:

    Taras if you a e reading this please note that you inspired me to become a beekeeper ps I love your videos

  10. Andrei Erimescu says:



    Luke looking aswome in shoes

  12. Mark Hawkins says:

    Love the relationship you have with your dogs.

  13. Milkymoles. says:

    I love how he calls Gus Pashtet now like the comments

  14. Zerch says:

    Luke is my fav

  15. Κώστας Λεούσης says:

    Shoes are kinda torturing the dogs in the start (he has to get used to it )but they are kinda ok after a month of using them (had to use them because of the salt they put on the roads which was destroying his paw )

  16. G.M. Danielson's Horror Vault says:

    Luke is ready to go tap-dancing!

  17. Ro Han says:

    Sometimes you gotta like your own comment to get it started

  18. G.M. Danielson's Horror Vault says:

    Gus grew 5 inches taller since the last video 😀

    • Rose Treiger says:

      G.M. Danielson’s Horror Vault yes, Gus grew a lot in just a few weeks didn’t he! 😀

    • Payam Daliri says:

      Man! his name is Pashtet.

    • G.M. Danielson's Horror Vault says:

      MAN! He has two names! God, even Taras wanted to call him Gus, but the greedy greedy YouTube audience demanded he be called Pashtiet, lol. Point is, I called him by his name, I didn’t dream one up.

  19. Redskins Pride WGIL says:

    You should measure their vertical jump now.

  20. VDR says:

    3:11 my life is now complete

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