Husky Shenanigans

Husky Shenanigans

So my husky stole my dad’s potato skin off his plate. This was the ensuing argument.

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20 Responses

  1. BabyRumpKisser22 says:

    Husky straight roastin him with the facts tho

  2. ThePeggler says:

    Can’t wait for all the people complaining that this is some form of abuse,
    and clearly don’t get that it’s a joke

  3. Ian KX says:

    people are always like “stupid americans” and im over here like okay,
    explain to me why you’re perfect?

  4. FloppyGaming says:

    God people are either really good at being trolls or just straight up
    retards they say things does he have autism cuz he arguin with da dog or
    only a fat ass would care so much about and plenty if other stupid shit its
    a joke no one would sit there and argue with a dog you would say bad dog
    and send to its room or cage or where ever it sleeps I have lost faith in
    this generation and ca hardly stay sane when I think about the next one to

  5. JonDecagon says:

    The family struggle is real.

  6. Roz Reynard says:

    Too Cute!

  7. Bobby R says:

    That dog is hilarious. I want him. lol

  8. VVarrio says:

    was the guy holding the camera crying?

  9. Sue Burgess says:

    This dog feels bad and is clearly distressed .. if he was conversing he
    would be barking .. instead he is CRYING ..
    because his feelings are hurt that his owner is mad.
    This is a bit mean ..

  10. Robert Hummel says:


  11. deelisheslover says:

    Check my page for twerking!

  12. Jumbo Jet says:

    The title should have been “Fat American abuses dog”

  13. K Kay says:

    Couldn’t stop smiling. I have so much respect for people who love their
    pets i.e. additional “family” members. This goes to show that animals
    understand us more than they’re given credit for.

  14. Andrew Esquivel says:

    dog talking back !!!

  15. Naytone says:

    I just want to hug that dog

  16. imshrrj says:

    Easy to see this was a joke..that was sooo cute.. I think humans and dogs
    have a very special relationship.

  17. Olivia Diem says:

    So mean!!!! Cant you just be more nicer and why did you post this… ????
    you were going too get bad reports!!!

  18. Emily Michelle says:

    Ok. This was too funny and I found myself laughing about 20 seconds in.
    Dogs are so much like children and this just proves it. Thanks for sharing
    this video with us. ^_^

  19. JaKBaLL TV says:

    must suck having to live with that fkn douchebag

  20. TheWrnglr says:

    Lay off. Taking the joke a wee bit far for your own entertainment. You have
    no idea what that dog is trying to tell you.