Hydraulic press kitchen: Fruit salad

Hydraulic press kitchen: Fruit salad

Making healthy fruit salad with our press

Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. ToucheRight says:

    I love this guy lol. I hope he makes a lot of money from this.

  2. Qerix PL says:

    Whats the name of that song on the beggining and maybe crush dildo :D

  3. Elrod Bogbat says:

    I didn’t expect the whip cream, nice touch to the fruit salad LOL. The
    extra content was too funny, “we must deal with it” LOL

  4. Elena Kaderkaeva says:

    are you russian?
    вы русские?

  5. Lycis Ahara says:

    1:35 – ‘You do not need any of that slice-n-dice shit up here, just press!’
    Well said!

  6. Jakub Žídek says:

    When he said Ananas my sides were already traveling at a third cosmic

  7. Venom says:

    try some Meat. Like a steak or so ^^ or even a pig head or so ^^

  8. Velogi - Pyöräilevä videoblogi says:

    End note = Voi vit*

  9. 吴丸丸 says:

    please crush the homework

  10. djtorne says:

    I don’t think I have ever heard cream described as “firm and tasty”

  11. Richard Schmidtendorff says:

    Uh oh the blast shield did not stop the whipped cream from splattering the
    shop lol.

  12. Robert Hoy says:

    Crush a giant jelly baby

  13. chris savage says:

    awesome video

  14. Samuel Mason says:

    i mainly use mine for chiken salad…. but this works too

  15. Wafelwaffel says:

    Crush something with flesh, like a pig’s foot or a fish

  16. Darth Vander says:

    try and crush some glass. Will it turn to dust? Be careful.

  17. renragged says:

    LMAO. I can’t get enough of his accent!

  18. SuperKamaki says:

    Oli pirun kiva tuo votermelon. :)

  19. David “The Hippie Atheist” Dautintuser says:

    You and crazy Russian hacker should make a video together

  20. kuhataparunks says:

    Awwwww man… The children in Africa… :'(((