WATCH THIS INCREDIBLE STORY (warning; it made me cry); https://youtu.be/TaNM_T1d1as [this was before they made the autolacing shoe but shows some of the motivation behind it. such a wonderful story]

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  1. Eduardo Osuna says:

    There’s a special ed kid in my school. He usually go to gym during my 6th period. The special ed teacher was tying his shoes one time. idk alot about him but u can ask and find out more.

  2. Frankie & Jen says:

    Buy $720 Nikes….. or buy $20 slip on’s hmmmmm..

  3. Jason Stevenson says:

    Hey Casey, I am a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, and could gift those shoes, on your behalf, to an individual with functional limitations, that would greatly benefit from the functional independence that they would provide.

  4. Graf Industries says:

    my great grand father was a world war two vet,(16years),he was a armored car/tank mechanic,he served in d-day until 44 when he got trench foot,he is 92 years and has some problems reaching and tying his shoes,we aren’t the wealthiest in the world and probably can afford them regularly.If it doesn’t work out i will make sure to send them back.And f he does get them i’ll make sure post a picture,thanks casey!

  5. Jack Rhodes says:

    Hey guys, don’t lie to get these, let these shoes go to someone who actually needs them

  6. Joshua Traubert says:

    Hey, created a twitter just to tweet this at you, but it was too long. I feel that my pop pop should be given these shoes, because he’s 92 now and before Christmas this past year he never needed a cane or walker. A day after Christmas, he fell down the stairs and broke his leg, he went through a bunch of shit during surgery, like the doctor almost ODing him and a bad cut. Rehab wasn’t much better. He had amnesia for a bit. But now is doing much better. I really would just love to give him something to make his life easier for him and to show him that all of the family is with him. Even though he is pretty old, I’m not gonna keep the shoes, hopefully my family would donate them, because none of us have a size 12. Even if he isn’t picked, it’s good to say say it all. Good luck to all and God bless

  7. Dylan Kloner says:

    Hi Casey, my dad has no arms since he lost them in combat. He cannot tie his shoes and he has me or someone in the family do it for him. These would really help him with his shoes and he would wear them all of the time and it would mean so much for the family. Thank you so much and god bless.

  8. Joshua Phillips says:

    Candice’s Ass Looking Fine at The End

  9. Nick Freeman says:

    Hi Casey, my neighbor’s son lost his arm during a car accident when he was small. His father is not rich enough to help him out with anything. He also has hearing problem and has to wear hearing aids in both his ears and juvenile arthritis. This would really be helpful for him. He has lately been very depressed with his life. He once wanted to commit suicide but was spotted by his father. His father saved for a long time to buy him a hearing aid. He would really get help with these and also to stay happy in life.

  10. Two 5o says:

    Who else enjoyed candice’s booty ? I did!

  11. sandy cheeks says:

    5:40 I’m tryna hit

  12. Ryan says:

    LoL , Ok so guys also watch this YouTube video: *youtube­­*.*­­c­­o­­m/watch?v=v1thgau5Ers*

    thank me later on !

  13. J Tranchida says:

    Any sneakerheads here ?

  14. Brandon Tate says:

    if people lack the dexterity to laces their damn shoes, how tf do they make enough money to support themselves, let alone afford $750?

  15. KingRichard says:

    dude why do you play infinite warfare it sucks…play bf1

  16. matthew zimmers says:

    Definitely give these to a veteran.

  17. Turin Turambar says:

    Officer Neistat, Thought Police

  18. young expectation says:

    I need the price of these shoes

  19. Dennis Playing Lacrosse? says:

    Guys just buy something like Hickies for $20 instead smh…

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