Hypnotic Ink Physics in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Hypnotic Ink Physics in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

In the first Ultra High Definition episode of The Slow Mo Guys, Gav and Dan inject coloured ink into a tank of water. If you have a 4K display or UHD tv, fire it up!
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Hypnotic Ink Physics in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys
Filmed at 1000fps with the Phantom Flex4K

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20 Responses

  1. Marwin Kellers says:

    The ink looks so animated.

  2. assfailure123 says:

    My internet, she canna handle the 4K!

  3. kimii xDD says:

    Astonishing!!!!! :”> This is my favourite!!!! <3

  4. Asdayasman says:

    These would have looked better if you multiplied them instead of
    compositing, I think.

    Care to slap that blend mode on instead and upload a sample? <3

  5. MultiWip says:

    can you shoot birds pecking in stuff in slow motion? like a woodpecker
    pecking a tree :)

  6. Pablo Carbonari says:

    Terrific job, guys! I would suggest you try using different techniques
    adding the ink into water. Maybe with a bigger/smaller syringe, exploding a
    balloon filled with ink, dropping a whole glass with ink in it, or just
    dropping gulps/drops into the tank. 😉 Just a suggestion for different
    results. Cheers!

  7. Cover James says:

    *Sees the water at a **1:00* *gets confused at the angle* *blames science* *goes
    back to daily life*

  8. ecztron says:

    “I didn’t know your bloody neck was such a bouncy surface!” – GavinoFree,

  9. Vincent Goetz says:

    Got a 4K/UHD television set or monitor?

  10. Carlos Saavedra says:

    if you have a MAC press command+shift+4 and you can crop a screen shot for
    a wallpaper 

  11. Green cool bean says:

    Mo i mean

  12. JaxxHaven says:

    Guys, who thinks i should do a video where i use these shots as VFX and the
    ink squirts like muzzle flashes!

  13. Phil S says:

    Please make a wallpaper with the baby blue ink :)

  14. abitofateanvlog says:

    So unbelievably beautiful!

  15. paulolaff says:

    Yeaaaah I can see it in 4K !!!

  16. Adrien Dupont-Gey says:

    You should do some wallpapers…

  17. Tempest1352 says:

    you should have pointed two at each other

  18. MsAnoPoYun says:

    It’s so beautiful watching it on a 4k monitor :O

  19. Joe Watkins says:

    Slow mo of Gav being slapped in the face with wet bread

  20. Kaeden Vlogs says:

    That looked amazing but could you upload at least once a week