Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program

Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program

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61 Responses

  1. Jefferson Cummings says:


    i’m crying

  2. SubscribeToPewDiePie says:

    Ok but now I want to watch a Wagyu World show developed by the three of you on NETFLIX

  3. Newby Ton says:

    “Wagyu gotta do this to me?”
    These were the last words of my A-5 Wagyu human that I ate yesterday for lunch

  4. Sampada Kokane says:

    Just make this into an anime already.
    Who is in support?

  5. Luna Lovegood says:

    Domics and odd1’sout uploaded a video on same day….yayyyy!!!

  6. Mecabuyte says:

    2:41 for all you Hollow Knight weebs like me.

  7. Leonardo Y. says:

    What do you call a knight in a cannibal village? – Canned food.

  8. kid in space says:

    all yall uncultured this is A Modest Proposal

  9. Timmy Turtle 1.6 says:


  10. Le SpoderMan says:

    2:40 lvl 1 crook, 2:37 lvl 10 hitman, 2:42 lvl 100 boss

  11. Takudzwa Bonde says:

    Why does this sound like The Promised Neverland? It’s literally a winter of 2019 anime. Came out 3 or 4 weeks ago. lol

  12. Expert PlayZ says:

    This should be a movie ???

    Edit: Ohh… They mentioned it ???

  13. Lion & Bella says:

    Technically human Wagyu would be vegan because the people consented

  14. Doubledasher says:

    This is a 13 minute video about cannibalism…

    I’m interested

  15. Peak Logic says:

    It could be used as low key genocide

  16. David Wyatt says:

    Sounds like someone’s been watching ‘The Promised Neverland’.

  17. Crispy Chippy says:

    That actually sounds like something I’d watch

  18. It'sScorpii says:

    poor cow

  19. CrabbierBull 391 says:

    more hypotheticals?

  20. Domics says:

    I understand all the Promised Neverland comparisons, but the difference here is that you consent to it, and you’re not “caged”. You know your fate and you’re coo widit.

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