I absolutely cannot recommend Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PC Review)

I absolutely cannot recommend Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PC Review)

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Jedi Survivor is so much bigger, bolder and more ambitious than its predecessor. By and large it delivers, but the horrendous PC performance utterly ruined this for me. I’m so bummed about it because this is a great game that deserved a better port.

00:00 Intro
04:08 Performance and bugs
13:05 Story and characters
17:12 World design and exploration
23:20 Combat
27:25 Conclusion

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42 Responses

  1. T says:

    My favorite part about a lot of modern releases is that by the time they’re playable, they’re on sale

    • Scott Watson says:

      I was hoping this would be good but with the way the previous game ran I wasn’t expecting much..

    • Proggz says:

      ​@Kirk Moran People buy the same sports games every year on release with egregious micro transactions so it’s not surprising at all

    • DonSaly says:

      😂 😂😂My new strategy after the fiascos with covid production games and expensive hardware, while also make new releases cost more. So I would say, the future is to play it with delay. A favorite franchise postponed 3 times already, who cares, I am still 3 years behind on my Wishlist that I wanted to play, but lacked the time.

    • Nicolas Ferreiro says:

      ​@Kirk Moran Think It was totalbiscuit Who said that buying a Game on launch meant paying the most for the worst version of the game.

    • Emulation says:

      @b w *FISTing

  2. Charles says:

    As a wise man once said, “When you buy a game on release, you are paying the most amount of money for the worst version of a game.”

    • Jose Martinez says:

      I trust the Legend of Zelda.

    • Light Up says:

      Nah, that is honestly bullshit.
      The vast majority of AAA games run absolutely fine on launch.
      Cyberpunk and Fallout76 are mentioned but they are actually just a handful of titles that were horrible on launch.
      Most games that release run well. If you like or dislike a game is a different discussion.
      People just like to recreationally hate.
      “All games suck nowadays. All movies suck nowadays”
      Plenty of good stuff coming out.
      But it’s a choice to focus on the negative

    • Charles Han says:

      I lucked out with God of War Ragnarok then

    • CalleSGDK says:

      It seems that EA will never learn that no matter how great a game ends up being, the damage you do by releasing it in an unfinished state can never be repaired.

    • beelzebub says:

      a wise man once said stop asking questions and just consoom

  3. Damon Ekstrom says:

    This is a shining example why you don’t ever want to pre-order anymore.

    • SirSabza says:

      @Aron Dencker But, Pokemon is first party. Nintendo own Gamefreak. Like how Horizon zero dawn is a first party sony title because they own Guerrilla

    • Aron Dencker says:

      @SirSabza apologies, I meant first party Nintendo games, specification did matter there. These Pokémon games are made by game freak inc. I’m aware of the issues with Pokémon but I’ve never been a fan of anything past the og DS game so it slipped my mind.

    • SirSabza says:

      @Aron Dencker is this a joke? Pokemon, one of its largest franchises, released an awful quality scarlet and violet lol, they were buggy, glitchy, and couldn’t run at 30fps.

    • McCaroni Sup says:

      @Dan Wright Technically, if enough people pre order only from companies that actually have their games working fully on release, then it would likely incentivize other developers to do the same. The problem isn’t that pre-orders are bad, it’s that too many imbeciles pre-order from shitty companies like Bethesda consistently. I’d even go so far as to say NO ONE should play any new Bethesda games. They’ve sullied their reputation enough that they don’t deserve a single cent. How people are excited for Starfield knowing how the Bethesda logo is slapped onto it is mind-bogglingly stupid.

      I personally don’t pre order from anyone since I prefer to watch reviews even for games I’m pretty damn confident will be good.

      Also, there are series that are legitimately almost never bad. There’s only been 3 numbered Persona games that follow the modern formula and yet Atlus is so consistent in quality across all of them that I would legitimately not think twice about buying Persona 6. Meanwhile, the Trails series is an overarching continuous story so if you buy one of them, you pretty much have to buy them all lol.

      Nintendo is a bit of a different case but Aonuma’s had a good track record with following up with massive innovations, like Majora’s Mask to OoT. The way I see it, ToTK is just the Majora of Breath of the Wild.

    • Light Up says:

      Nah, that is honestly no true.
      The vast majority of AAA games run absolutely fine on launch.
      Cyberpunk and Fallout76 are mentioned but they are actually just a handful of titles that were horrible on launch.
      Most games that release run well. If you like or dislike a game is a different discussion.
      People just like to recreationally hate.
      “All games suck nowadays. All movies suck nowadays”
      Plenty of good stuff coming out.
      But it’s a choice to focus on the negative

  4. Iamatim says:

    The way my game froze as cal said “yeah we had uh…technical problems”

  5. Nohbodhi says:

    The biggest problem with combat is enemies can animation-cancel you but you cant animation-cancel them. So whenever you get an opportunity for a cool move or a combo type move they can just tap you before you get it off and you just take a hit

    • C H says:

      I think if I hadn’t come straight from Sekiro to this I would have viewed it more favourably. But when you see what an (imo) perfected version of this combat system looks like, it’s hard to downgrade.

    • Hello There says:

      This is especially noticeable with the cross hairs saber. Most enemies bony let you do the sweep attack EVER

    • As Niffer says:

      True. It’s kinda annoying meleeing one enemy just for one back there to shoot me with a blaster, much of the times going through their buddy just to hit me.
      I hope they fiX that at some point

    • Prohunter says:

      @Danny Morrow Your response to someone saying that getting stunned out of animations is not fun by telling them to unlock a different playstyle. You clearly don’t understand that just because there’s a workaround to an issue, it doesn’t mean the issue doesn’t exist or shouldn’t be fixed.

      Also no matter how much fun you’re having, it doesn’t change how janky and non-fluid the combat animations are.

    • wholetyouinhere says:

      @slvrcobra1337 Thank you for commenting this. I think the character animations in this game are legitimately atrocious, but very few reviewers seem to take any issue. How??

  6. Jonatas says:

    ‎US$ 69,99 for a broken game… and then they complain about piracy ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • grey says:

      people will always lose to the hype machine and marketing. always. every. single. time. doesnt matter how many times they get burned, they will ALWAYS pay and preorder. and thats why it keeps happening,

    • scwyd says:

      games not even broken runs perfect

    • abloane says:

      @oslb the most smooth brain reply I’ve come across in my entire life, I feel like someone nuked my fucking brain

    • Gimme Skooma says:

      ​​@Golden Hole it’s not an excuse but developer’s have always focused on console because more people are on it. Look at the new Diablo for example they lowered the skill slots so it’s more in line with controllers

  7. CHMgamemedic777 Aka CrizzCrozz says:

    The cutscenes going all “Otototototototraffick” had me in the gut 😂

  8. Ryan says:

    I luckily didn’t get the desync audio issues but however during this cutscene 11:13 for me the wielder guy that shows up for a brief moment, his meshes and textures didn’t load in like at all

  9. Mediados says:

    This is exactly why I am glad to be far behind in games I want to play. By the time I get to play a new game, it has been out for months.

  10. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Cool to see them improve the cosmetic drops from the previous game. Going the whole game only getting poncho and robot skins got pretty old so it’s nice they added a lot more to that reward structure

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