I Accidentally Worked For A Scam

I Accidentally Worked For A Scam

College freshmen always need money. Shrouded in mystery, Brigid makes some risky decisions in order to make a quick buck. Ultimately, she winds up in a situation much bigger than intended.

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Ticket Sampler : Blank Event Tickets
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Hundred Bucks
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NoLiTa Neighborhood in New York City
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Open used yellow envelope isolated on white background.
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74 Responses

  1. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    Haha what a predicament!!

    • pineapple says:

      J-Mac’s Amateur Kitchen what is that

    • Emilia H says:

      pineapple a predicament is like when your in a weird or uncomfortable situation. For example, if you accidentally broke your moms fav glass vase or something and you don’t know what to do someone might say “you’re in quite the predicament!” (I’m assuming that’s what you meant if not then idc lol but if it was I hope this helped)

      Vocab lessons with me!!!!!

  2. Julia K says:

    She is hilarious to listen to 😂 more of this series, please!!

  3. Harshil Patel says:

    I immediately thought you sold those crazy energy drinks lol

  4. Michael Jay - Value Investing says:

    What jobs did you do in college?

  5. Ravenclaw Loveee says:

    I love these type of videos!

  6. Cody Whitlock says:

    😬 wow! But I’m in college and need money… so… doesn’t sound too bad 😂

  7. Rev Nashi says:

    I didn’t go alone though… I brought a friend to be killed with me.

  8. AngelOne11 says:

    I am not sure if this was a made up story or not but I can’t figure out who the people in suits were and why it’s a scam? Who did she scam? The ticket booth person was suspecious of what? I really don’t get the story!

  9. Justin Y. says:

    “And it just got worse from there”

  10. Brian Sexton says:

    The people in the van were definitely ticket re-sellers on Stubhub or something who’s IDs were banned from buying tickets at that stadium

  11. Hana J says:

    Scalpers used the IDs to enter a ticket lottery. She was the only person chosen, so she was the only one allowed to buy seats. They probably sold those tickets for 10s of thousands of dollarS

    • Marika Kutaladze says:

      Javier Sánchez Panduro someone who buys a ticket to an event at a retail price and sells them for ×2 ×3 or more of the original price.

    • Pink Quartz says:

      Damn the things people rich do for tickets, it’s not really a losing situation tho….why would it be bad for her

    • Chloe Jade says:

      what are the consequences of doing that?

    • Langston S says:

      yeah but she wasnt getting scammed, the scam was that she wasnt buying to tickets for herself so, she was just became apart of a scam without realising. she didnt really lose out on anything

  12. Bullshit Detector says:

    Lol. She didn’t happen to lose her wallet. One of her “friends” stole it.

  13. grace & feng liu says:


  14. Daniel Rezaei says:

    Why is this not animated

  15. FLOODOFSINS says:

    I’m surprised no one has murdered this channel

  16. Victoria Heffly says:

    Isn’t she the one who cheated on her college test???

  17. Ishan Ali says:

    Shishter scammer!

  18. TheGhettoSnobSeries says:

    The real scam is that you didn’t run off with the $7,000.

  19. Marsherria B says:

    I thought she was going to say that she worked for that company that sells knives.

  20. Mykul22 says:

    It’s a goshdang scalper whos using your ID for a lottery LMAO

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