I AIN”T SORRY! Atlanta Man Who Leaked Maia Campbell Video Responds to Backlash

I AIN”T SORRY! Atlanta Man Who Leaked Maia Campbell Video Responds to Backlash

Guy Who Leaked Maia Campbell Video Responds to Backlash

Full story: http://straightfromthea.com/i-aint-sorry-the-guy-who-leaked-latest-maia-campbell-video-responds-to-backlash-video

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19 Responses

  1. Jameka Nicole says:

    I’m sorry but that little green dread is bothering me 😒😣😐😑

  2. Allysia Williams says:

    stupid asshole..non educated and while he selling crack and smoking weed all on social media it wont be long before they get his ass right in jail..stupid fool

  3. Bellini Bellini says:

    Have they arrested this idiot yet? Please post it when they do.

  4. patrece1970 says:

    Die, u piece of shit!!!!

  5. Ronda Tankson says:

    She is mentally ill (bipolar disorder), and unfortunately she’s self medicating with crack! Praying that she gets the help she so desperately needs.

  6. V. Christopher Lane says:

    lmao every nigga wanna be famous. Nigga if you know she been like that for years why post it in 2017….

  7. Live Free says:

    This Coon!👀😒

  8. curvychic1 says:

    Asshole… get EDUCATED on Bipolar and Schizophrenia. She’s self-medicating and you’re exploiting her instead of helping her you bitch ass nigga!!

  9. Tap says:

    Notice he said white GIRL…..then said black BITCH. Typical.

  10. Courtney Smith says:

    This is why I hate out race at times because of this dumb shit right here!!! instead of video taping her you should have been trying to get her some help!!! you wouldn’t want nobody putting your momma sister or daughter on no fucking social media!!! You sick minded bastard!!! I hope someone give your ugly ass some crack and it bust your heart open and kills you!!! How the fuck you think her daughter feel you worthless piece of shit

  11. Cosmo Energy says:

    People are mad at him but Maia’a illness is BIPOLAR disorder. Being bipolar causes mood swings. It does not make the person want to use crack and coke. MAIA made that decision and chose that path.

  12. Larry Vineyard says:

    bitch ass nigga you right we wouldn’t give a fuck if it’s a white bitch they are not apart us but to demean your kind for a couple days if fame you a bitch nigga an i hope somebody catches you and beat the fuck outta you dumb ass nigga

  13. Zya Tomas says:

    Karma is a bitch wack ass niggah

  14. videogames says:

    Can someone explain to this idiot that exploiting any suffering human being, whether black or white, is wrong? The fact that he knows it’s wrong but justifies it with stupidity is a sign of the sad state we are in as humanity. Ugh. Where the fff was this dude’s mom when it came time for lessons on humanity?

  15. Pornhub associate says:

    Man Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and more white girls who we’re starts back in the day fell out on drugs nobody came to help them? All they did was talk shit I don’t care a drugge is a drugge you can have whatevere mental illness crack don’t help, yall just mad at what she turned about to be but wanna blame everybody else but her. The fuck outta here if she wanted help she could have gotten help

  16. Green Cunt says:

    Why everbody defending the crackhead like this dude had raped her or something? Shes a fucking crackhead and its her fault for confronting someone who realised who she was, her fault for being on the street smoking crack. If one of you have seen a crackhead confront you, you would all either laugh or tell someone. You confused degenerates defending a crackhead, thats what society has come to?

  17. Mdog67 says:

    no one cares if she is white or black and how did this get on trending

  18. Ray Espinoza says:

    can someone explain what happened?

  19. Alec Preston says:

    Can we stop giving people like this money and making them famous….

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