I almost died (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I almost died (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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22 Responses

  1. Peter Finch Golf says:

    Glad you got through it Luke ❤ very scary situation. My mum had a bleed on the brain once and it was terrifying for everyone. Rest up buddy

    • Luke Kwon Golf says:

      Appreciate that alot pete! Definitely a scary scenario, almost like a silent killer because you dont even see it from the outside. Grateful to still be here living life like normal 🙏

  2. Micah Morris says:

    Glad you’re okay brother!

  3. Ted Seltz says:

    Luke. I’m a bone and head cancer survivor that totally understands the confusion and anxiety that you experienced when you were shocked into a new reality. I’m so very glad that you had family and friends looking out for you. You will develop a new sense of gratitude once you recover from this. It’s been a gift to me. Be well, brother.

  4. Chris Kubond says:

    Life is so fragile, none of us know when our time is up. Glad to hear he’s good

  5. gm__golf says:

    So glad you’re ok man❤️🙏🏼

    • Zachary Rosemann says:

      #gmgolf you are the reason everyone thinks he was in a car accident 🤣🤣🤣

    • Chris McMahon says:

      @Cobia0910 if you have a decent insurance plan, you don’t have enormous medical bills. I’m sure both systems work similar, but it’s honestly annoying when people say they get “free” heathcare. Nothing is free

    • Cobia0910 says:

      @Chris McMahon true, we pay a midicare levy here in Australia at tax time. I was just saying everyone pays taxes but Americans still have to pay enormous medical bills.

    • Chris McMahon says:

      @Cobia0910 it’s not free if you’re paying for it…

    • Tyler Beets says:

      @Furniture & Things Kimmel y’all are weird. Dude almost died and you’re asking about Tig

  6. Tony Chen says:

    My sister passed from brain cancer in 2019, and had two brain surgeries in her life. After she passed I took up golf and got into Good Good. Just wanted to say, you’re not alone Luke, so glad to hear you’re up and about! You got this!

  7. TheAB25 says:

    It wasn’t your time Kwon! I think this just shows you have a lot more to give this world. Appreciate you sharing your experience and can’t wait to see what you do next!

  8. Luna Cat says:

    That’s incredible how your body and mind worked to get you the help you needed. What a terrifying situation.. glad to see you’re doing alright Luke.

  9. Chris P says:

    It’s just mind boggling that Kwon had to worry about a bill vs getting the help he needed…nuts. Also surprised nobody recognized the red flags he demonstrated and called an ambulance. People need to be more aware of concussions (although this wasn’t it still displayed as one) and the severity of trauma to the head.

    Glad you doing well Kwon and pray for no long lasting impacts.

    • Espy Gaming says:

      @evrich american health care is a Joke, as a provider in the system. But I also believe its not as bad as many make it out to be and this a specific testiment to that.

    • evrich says:

      Exactly what I thought as well. American health care system what a fucking ridiculous joke. Having to factor in debt when deciding whether to go to the hospital or not. I’m so happy Luke made the decision to go and has gotten through this ok.

    • Jordan Jeronimo says:


  10. UncommonSense says:

    How can you watch this and just not appreciate what you have , freak accident , could of been dead , hug your homies , call your family , tell everyone you love them , and stay humble y’all , thank you for sharing man , glad you’re on the road to recovery

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