I Almost Froze…

I Almost Froze…

I Almost Froze…
Here are some extra scenes from “Beating Minecraft Before I Freeze…” from GeorgeNotFound’s channel. It was very cold…
Original video: https://youtu.be/5z8VwyGOuXg

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Sapnap: @Sapnap

This video was a lot of fun to record, make sure to go check out the original video.
This was very big epic fun Minecraft challenge!

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39 Responses

  1. Dream team best moments says:

    It’s crazy that he actually endured all of that

  2. misty soup says:

    Alternatively titled Sapnap and Dream laughing at the aftermath of them torturing George

  3. Isa says:

    he’s probably in bed right now all wrapped up in blankets thinking about how he’s never gonna take warmth for granted again

  4. Cayleen Valerio says:

    You know they’re best friends when they make each other endure pain and torture and laugh it off

  5. Aliza Shah says:

    can we all appreciate the fact that he just emptied the whole tub out on camera

  6. Galaxywolf 87 says:

    I hope that George is ok tho, like actually. That was a lot of ice he had to endure

    • hoi hoi says:

      @ICE nah i’m a ‘dream stan’ and i don’t act like that, it’s mostly the 12 y/o’s who are obsessed with karl & george💀

    • hoi hoi says:

      @Random Girl fr they’re babying someone who’s probably 2x their age💀

    • Qu33rb00p says:

      Seriously though, hypothermia is definitely a thing 😀

    • BubblegumPrincess says:

      @hoi hoi how is using that emoji babying?? It’s just an emoji lol and they didn’t say anything to insinuate he was anything other than a 24 year old man lol

    • GetGoodAtBedwars says:

      He’s obviously okay. He was able to edit these videos and athletes are able to endure this a lot. Even though George isn’t an athlete, I’m just saying it’s very easily possible to survive this

  7. Every • lia says:

    I was actually praying for George hoping he wont die-

  8. Tessie Ruit says:

    **terrified twerking**

  9. Mia Lowe says:

    Lowkey proud he actually completed it lmao

  10. DreamSMP Hangout says:

    Can’t believe our gogy completed this challenge!

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