I Almost Got A Ticket In The C8 Corvette #Shorts

I Almost Got A Ticket In The C8 Corvette #Shorts

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  1. Vir Malkani says:

    Calm down guys it’s a joke, we all know he lent his engine to his friend before driving back home

  2. El Güey Triste says:

    He has been driving with a sail on top of his car.

    • Adam Ghauri says:


    • JezzyAli says:

      Funny moment you reminded me off.. I once owned a 91 mercury capri. My brother and I got in a fight one day, and a tiny bit later my bro took a PC and threw it at my car. My car was convertible and it went straight threw the top in the middle and some how made the most perfect sun roof you could ask for.. Yes, it sucked at first and I had to put an umbrella through it while it rained but gosh dammit it was funny asl lol Also when I put this plastic type piece there to make it weather proofed it was actually pretty dope lol Thanks for the memory guy

    • Matthew Swindle says:

      C8 corvette engine is in the rear obviously

    • munoob says:

      One piece! The new sailboat episode 1349435 season 56363

    • Jocelyn Li says:

      Not the front of the car the back of the car that’s what it is

  3. Gerardo Madrigal Ramirez says:

    Dun fact he just wanted to show you hes making hella payments living with his parents look it up

  4. JR Hampton says:

    why, when he opened the trunk, the only thing I could think of is if someone could fit in there, and if so, can you just drive with them

  5. AverageMug_Music says:

    You know… If they didn’t replace the car engine with a storage container, they could use it for giving your car more electric power…

  6. k tooth says:

    It’s a mid engine (behind the driver) and something cool is that the engine sits so far forward that you have a trunk and a frunk

  7. Noeum Din says:

    The cop in this clip is just like the camera man in all the short clips, they both have the invisible power. Haha😂

  8. China Rouse says:

    Imagine getting pulled over in a parking lot for not parking in a spot 🥴😭

  9. Utahraptor says:

    He’s driving the car using his hopes and dreams

  10. Seven Arazmus says:

    Non car people are amazed by the C8 being mid engined meanwhile normal people have had MR2’s and Fieros and stuff.

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