I am addicted to buying weird ads

I am addicted to buying weird ads

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announcement: 00:00
intro: 01:05
buying the stuff: 02:15
hair powder: 10:29
work wonnie: 12:03
weird puzzle: 14:38
lovebox: 15:41
other onesie: 18:17
chopsticks you wear for some reason: 19:38
pant rant: 23:03
the rest of the video: 26:06
the rest of the rest of the video: 27:12

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33 Responses

  1. Drew Gooden says:

    YouTooz giveaway: https://drewgooden.youtooz.com/

    And since I know you guys are probably upset that this means I can’t pin another comment that is absolutely roasting me, I will now type one myself.

    Drew Gooden? More like Drew Badden. More like… Drew Badman. Drew Suckass. Loser guy, idiot man. Drew McButt. This man stinks!!

  2. SuperUnknownPerson says:

    you don’t need the butt flap cuz remember drew was born with no crack , just one cheek

  3. Meena says:

    Honestly as someone who has wrist and thumb issues, the finger chopsticks seem helpful as a really subtle alleviater so I can make less pinching motions. Definitely doesnt seem helpful enough to seek out, but if I saw one while I was checking out in a store for a few dollars I’d definitely try it.

    • Finn McRae says:

      @Elliot they certainly give off an autistic look 😂

    • Goldeneyes says:

      @Lillie Ampurra Ah very fair lol, if you’re techie buy one! They’re super useful for making random shit like the chopsticks

    • morbidsearch says:

      I own finger chopsticks but I’ve only used them for one purpose
      (TMI warning)

      Treating my phimosis

    • Elliot says:

      As someone who has sensory processing issues connected to ADHD and borderline autism, I kinda feel the same way about the jogger onesie.
      Like you can’t accidentally lose a piece of the set because it’s always together, it looks decent enough to have company visit you without having to apologize for still being in pjs, and if for some reason you need to be swaddled from ankles to wrists in soft fabric or your brain gets angry at you…it can do that!
      I don’t think those features are worth $200, and I’m not looking to buy one, but if I saw one on sale for like $30, I’d have to at least think about purchasing it.

    • Lillie Ampurra says:

      @Goldeneyes im sure 3d printers at libraries exist but its such a wild concept for my rural ass

  4. Emmy says:

    Anyone considering that powder product: read the ingredient list then cross check with the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit, just to check and be safe. I think we’ve all learned to be careful about what we’re inhaling these days.

    • Anna Cayot says:

      For anyone that doesn’t want to go digging, I found the ingredients for the hair product. To its credit, it does not appear to contain anything from the J&J lawsuit list, which is mostly talc and asbestos. That being said, the second ingredient on the list is silica silylate, which can be really dangerous if inhaled. Based on Drew’s assessment that it was filling the air, I would personally be extremely wary of any kind of consistent use. Ingredient list: Aqua(Water/Fau), Silica Silylate, Benzoate-Octyl acrylamide/Acrylates, Butaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Citric Acid

  5. Ella Okken says:

    I’ve been pretty depressive lately. I did a meditation lately that talked about remembering the last time I laughed and I genuinely couldn’t. Listening to Drew talk about trying to shit in the work onesie had me laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. I really needed this. Thank you.

  6. Luna ASMR 🌙 says:

    I know that it’s easy to keep making these videos because they’re very well performing, but please keep making them. They’re genuinely hilarious and I think you could build on them by doing more essay type videos researching these awful “companies” too, I’m sure the people who made the work wonnies have something insane to be uncovered online.

  7. Girlfriend Reviews says:

    The hardest boss in elden ring was banana

  8. Zion Meier says:

    I want Drew to critically analyze every product I’ve ever bought. He’s the only source I trust at this point

  9. Connor McNeill says:

    A: your hair looks better with that product
    B: you don’t need to be actively distracted to use the shop stick things, the goal is to avoid getting crumbs and shit on your controller/keyboard

  10. Kayla D says:

    i hope drew writes/produces a show or something someday. he’s so talented and witty it gets me every time

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