I AM DISGUSTED…Glover Teixeira vs Anthony Smith

I AM DISGUSTED…Glover Teixeira vs Anthony Smith

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Chael Sonnen talks Glover Teixeira vs Anthony Smith on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


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65 Responses

  1. How To Stay Alive In The Woods says:

    GSP: My groin is torn
    Greg Jackson: Hit him with it

  2. HC says:

    “Someone should have stopped this!”
    – Keith Peterson “hold my beer”

  3. Do Or Do Not says:

    Anthony Smith: “My teeth are falling out.”
    Eddie bravo: “ that’s good, now go for an imanari roll.”

  4. nyrider says:

    smith: my teeth are falling out
    his corner: This is what mouth guards are for. if they do fall out, you can sue them

  5. Daniel McDonagh says:

    Anthony: My teeth are falling out
    Eddie Bravo: Iminari roll

  6. Fanf trap Springbonnie says:

    Anthony smith: “my teeth falling out”
    Corner: “do I look like a dentist to u?”

  7. Fanf trap Springbonnie says:

    Anthony smith: “my teeth are falling out”
    Corner: “now, ur not a dentist so u dont really know that. Plus sharks grow their teeth back all the time. Now go be a great white and rip him to shreads”

  8. Reagan Smash says:

    Smith: my teeth are falling out
    Corner: just breath
    Eddie screaming at the screen: throw some sand

  9. Mr X says:

    Colby and Cruz sitting ringside both thinking: “God I wish I had this referee…”

  10. Rafael Alvarez says:

    Smith: I can’t breathe
    Corner: make your last breath count

  11. akmd114379 says:

    Smith : “my teeth are about to fall out”

    Corner: “you won’t need a mouthpiece then”

  12. Philip Wong says:

    Tony: I took the worst beating of the year
    Smith: Hold on brother

  13. Marco L says:

    Smith: “My teeth are coming out” His corner: “Try an iminari roll”

  14. Danny Deception says:

    Anthony Smith: “My teeth are falling out.”
    Eddie Bravo: “Lookin’ beautiful.”

  15. Chris Trapp says:

    Anthony “my teeth are falling out” Coach: “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME”

  16. Joseph Caine says:

    Smith: “My teeth aren’t falling out”
    Corner: “HEAD MOVEMENT!!!”

  17. Neil MacDonald says:

    MMA community: This is not human cock-fighting

    Anthony Smith: Hold my teeth

  18. nikeforlife54 says:

    Smith: my teeth are falling off
    Corner: walk it off
    Cruz: what did the ref smell like???

  19. Tyler smith says:

    Glover saying “I’m sorry” while punching him should say enogh

    • Janemba 112 says:

      Ngl there were several moments glover could have finished Smith but instead either stood up, or just messed around with half assed submission attempts. Almost like glover wanted to keep beating on him 👀

    • Tyler smith says:

      I can see your point, but Smith is one of the hardest to submit. I honestly feel Glover was trying to finish it earlier but just couldn’t. Tough to say when we aren’t in there.

    • nt3523 says:

      I think Smith’s orbital was broken. Tough bastard.

    • Wesley Knaggs says:

      @nt3523 it definably is. There is a whole list of other injuries too

    • D.J .R says:

      Janemba 112 if Texeira had of just ground and pounded about 10 strikes whilst he was on the ground not even hard the ref would have stopped it. I completely agree with you, but not his fault

  20. hardnewstakenharder says:

    Cruz: “Smith was fine, he was still getting up.”

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