I Am Old Now..

I Am Old Now..

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In This Video:
00:00 – The Memes Begin
00:15 – WHAT DID YOU DO?!
01:22 – bad meme, but it’s actually good
01:41 – blue pale idiot
02:03 – It was my BIRTHDAY. I’m 30 now.
02:51 – DanTDM’s kinda sus
03:26 – Would You Open Your Door?!
05:34 – When the boys cried..
06:37 – Cursed DanTDM Image
07:42 – CatTDM Supremacy
08:00 – Do you remember this DanTDM Video?!
08:32 – I’m scared to click this..
09:23 – i am a good father..
10:02 – Minecraft Bee Armor Conspiracy
10:18 – DanTDM’s fursona
12:04 – what am i looking at?
12:53 – CatBoy DanTDM

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26 Responses

  1. Endigo says:

    The legend’s back!

  2. Golden Ninja 50 says:

    I’ve been a fan since 2013 and met Dan twice, one of the nicest and best creators ever

  3. Mushymellowdino says:

    Just reading that title then reading the channel name really had me tearing up. I depended on the internet to get away from certain life issues. And it worked! The internet got me out of reality! Dan is literally more of a father figure to me than my own father. I grew up watching Dan and a few others. Thank you so much, Dan. For making my childhood. I couldn’t have had this any other way. 🙂 we love you, Dan.

  4. ItsLunaFreak says:

    He’s grown from being a king to a legend.
    And is also in a 17 year olds videos featured while being pushed off a plane, good job Dan

  5. JackBoi says:

    I could definitely see Dan playing with Asher on Minecraft and showing him his old worlds

  6. Kibble Dribs says:

    Dan is literally our second dad. He was basically everyones childhood and is there when you are in a bad mood, thank you Dan.

  7. gl1tchc0r3 says:

    I was 6 when I found your videos 🙂 I’m almost 14 now!! You helped me thru a lot of rough periods in my life, I suffer from a chronic stomach condition and I used to be in and out of hospitals, but your videos always brought me comfort. It’s crazy how time passed by so quickly and you even have a kid now, tysm for everything man <3

  8. Marc Gario says:

    Happy 30th Birthday Dan! I can’t
    believe you’re this old now. You have been a part of my entire childhood. You made the most of my memories from when I was a little kid. Thank you, and have a good rest of your day my man!

  9. Ameliya--T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    Happy Birthday Dan. You were my whole childhood. It gives me a huge smile to see you’re still being as best as ever.

  10. Tiff Tiff❤️ says:

    I’ve been a fan since 2013 and met Dan twice, one of the nicest and best creators ever

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