I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It’s Too Late

I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It’s Too Late

I have no idea what to expect.

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The Vietnam collection 2
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Vietnam Villagers Evacuated
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Kelly Duong
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35 Responses

  1. Thomas Miller says:

    When she said just seeing a flower bloom makes her happy, I just lost it. She makes me realize I take a lot of life for granted.

  2. Toomanydamnchannels says:

    At 4:53, that’s my Aunt carrying my sister on her back. If you continue to watch the documentary “Last Days in Vietnam” you’ll see the rest of my family (my other Aunt, my Mom carrying me, Dad carrying my great Grandma, a soldier carrying my other sister, and my Grandma and Grandpa). We just landed on the USS Midway as Saigon fell.

    • Nini And Nemari show says:

      I’m sorry…I’m sure your aunt was a great person i hope you feel better after this message reaches you

    • ALBANIAN EAGLE says:

      Sydney M
      How do u know if it’s true or not? I mean u never know, even if it wasn’t her aunt and sister at least say something nice

      I’m sorry for what ur family had to go through, god bless🙏🙏🙏

    • Jessii Vee #1 fan says:

      My papa fought in that war😞 he got shot and can’t be around loud noises anymore

  3. grace c says:

    She’s so inspiring. I need to engrave her words of wisdom inside my brain so I can live happy everyday!!

  4. Tasha B. says:

    I think she is trying to say..they worked so hard to care and teach you guys..they are so use to doing that …that shes not sure what they want to do..but she knows she wants to be free of worry about you guys…and she has that now since you guys are older …that she doesnt have to worry anymore..and that makes her happy and proud that tbings are better and easier for her family.

  5. Aileen says:

    These are the men and women we need in this country (USA) HARDWORKING people fighting for better lives and sacrificing so much. But instead we like to separate and send back those with the upmost need to come here.

  6. Elaina Causey says:

    Kane and his moms travel vlog to China would be ICONIC

  7. lillyscarlet says:

    She is the sweetest. I hope she gets to travel. She deserves it! What a wonderful and beautiful family. I’m so glad this story was shared. 💕

  8. xnanacrux says:

    Next episode! Bringing mom to China !!!

  9. klwl says:

    Very wise and sagely advice (about being in the present and being happy/satisfied with what one has) from your mother, Kane! <3

    Just curious: Were both of you speaking a mixture of Cantonese and Vietnamese? I can understand the Cantonese portions, but do not understand the other parts. I presume your mother's ancestry is from Guangdong Province but she was born (or grew up) in Vietnam?

    • Melody Chew says:

      klwl seems like it’s mostly Cantonese and English. The slang/accent of Cantonese they’re speaking is that of Southeast Asia (which is where Vietnam is) and it’s slightly different from Hong Kong/Guangdong province, so that might be why

    • klwl says:

      Thanks, Melody! I am from Singapore, so I am familiar with the regional style of spoken Cantonese. Accents aside, there are phrases here and there that I do not recognise as either English or Cantonese. So, I am presuming that there are Vietnamese phrases mixed in (the way Singaporeans mix in various local languages and dialects)…

    • Hiếu Nguyễn says:

      Yes I could hear some Vietnamese words.

  10. BellicosoArietta says:

    “Happiness is easy. It’s in everything around us, it’s anywhere there is love.” Best advice ever. This woman is so pure. She deserves everything good in the world. ❤

  11. Anaaewp says:

    Tell your mum I think she’s amazing and inspiring and tell her that her plants are gorgeous and I hope to grow plants as beautiful as hers one day

  12. Leigh Davis says:

    Kane’s mom is such a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring woman.

  13. Brettyboo4 says:

    Teared up several times, just makes me think how materialistic I am and how much I love people like your mum. Love the videos with your mum, and your interactions together, because she’s so sweet and funny. Where’s the gofundme so we send you guys overseas? haha

  14. Anaiah Chee says:

    Anyone else crying? Cause i am.

  15. Angelica Salinas says:

    Having recently lost my mom, this video made me cry happy tears. This is how my mom lived her life. Always positive, despite all the hardships she faced. She never lost sight of what it means to be happy. Blessings to you and your parents, cherish them always. ❤

  16. see says:

    “i never think about what is hard. if i do it, then i do it. we can do anything.” OKAY MAMAAAA YESSSSSS this is so profoundly simple, and such good advice for tackling what life throws at us. her answer just really got to me. i love love love her kindness and willingness to sit and reflect with her son 🙂 God bless all the mamas out there who raised us with love

  17. T_T. Talia says:

    Kane: why did you fall in love?

    Mum: because we are neighbours!!!

    Kane: blank stare

  18. Meka Malice says:

    Buzzfeed please send this woman on a wonderful trip!!!! Please God, this woman deserves it! Or set her up a nice fund she can use to do things she loves… I will gladly donate what I can and I’m sure many others would as well!

    • Rebekka Lykke says:

      Meka Malice
      I completely agree, she has worked so hard most of her life, she just wanted to be happy and relax. I’d donate if they gave her a fund to travel or something that just makes her happy.

    • Kassandria says:

      I was thinking the same thing ❤️

  19. Blue_Creeper3800 says:

    Lmao I understood everything when she started speaking Cantonese

  20. Netune says:

    She’s so cute ^.^

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