I Ate A 5 POUND CHOCOLATE Bar and More GIANT Candy

I Ate A 5 POUND CHOCOLATE Bar and More GIANT Candy

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41 Responses

  1. Kristopher Stringham says:

    Choose your weapon:

    2lb candy cane or mace like lolipop

  2. Alexander Grady says:

    “Do you love me now dad?”

    Craig Thompson

  3. HellcatRedeye024 says:

    “It feels weird.. It feels like my son”

    -Craig Thompson – 2019

  4. Jake Cook says:

    11:17 oath mate, havn’t eaten lollies in so long
    But goddamn do I want me some of that sweet sweet lolliepop

  5. fastwolfgirl Gaming says:

    Me : going treaks or tricks on Halloween

    Halloween 2019 candy : Every candy turn into Willy wonka candy size

    My Dentist: I am waiting

  6. Yushiro Gowa says:

    “This ladies and gentlemen, is just DUMB.”

    Kinda meta considering Dum Dum Pops exist…

  7. Toasty Bread says:


    Hold up.

    He snorted FUN DIP POWDER!

  8. xMurderous lion says:


  9. Matthew Lucena says:

    mini: “it’s so sticky!” Michael Scott: thats what she said!!

  10. FarHeadDeamon Has anger issues says:

    There’s a 1 foot hersies kiss it’s HUGE

    And and there’s a 3 foot cand snake it TOOK ME 3H TO EAT OMG

  11. zcubeDbz says:

    “It’s so sticky!”
    Is my favorite thing said in this video.

  12. Mike Law says:

    It’s obvious Mini has never been to Hersey park and it saddens me…

  13. WidePlayz says:

    7:20 Mini: *has dark thoughts, makes it obvious*

    *INSTANTLY tries to deep throat it*

  14. Nameless Gamer 29 says:

    Do not look up “girth” on google images. It’s more than just horse gear.

  15. NinjaFire908 ._. says:

    Watching Mini laugh about random stuff always makes my day!

  16. Juan Torres says:

    Mini ladd: feel like my son

    FBI : we got him boy we finally got him

  17. Alejandro Vasquez says:

    Mini: *shows chocolate kiss* it’s 1000 calories.
    Me: 1000 calories my ****

  18. bad spxrt says:

    This is how many times craig said “GIRTH”

  19. Luca Mecchia says:

    I love how Ty edits these videos, just so good
    Edit: that lollipop is a f**kin mace

  20. Mur Mur says:

    Mini: has loss of words to describe thicc boi candy cane
    Mini: dO i JuSt StArT cUrLiNg It

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