I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza

I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza

I cant believe we actually did this…
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67 Responses

  1. xXmorpguyXx :3 says:

    8:55 look at Chris’s shirt

  2. Fritzgerald Dingglechalk says:

    “A man has fallen to the river of Lego City”


  3. Don’t watch my videos you will regret it says:

    MrBeast: eats edible gold

    Me: *eats a ferrero rocher wrapper*

  4. Don’t watch my videos you will regret it says:

    MrBeast: I’d give it 9/10

    Gordon Ramsay: *Greasy, bland, shockingly disgusting, overpriced pizza!*

  5. 25k subs with no videos? says:

    Only OG Fans Remember This Quote

    “Does Chris Moisturize”

  6. -MiA- TAP ON MY PH0TO says:

    Go to a hospital and pay for someones medical bill… It would go very viral

    • Barraa Afifi says:

      صفط شي vide💯🤳🔥💥👍💗😍😎😎🖤💜💝💖💯💥💚🧡🌛🖤🤩🤗🤭🧐🤨😜😵😯😲😬

    • Warrior Ashlyn says:


    • Six Paule says:

      @Prince Phillip You okay, man? This guy is literally helping out people by giving them a home, groceries, supplies, cars and money. In what way is that dragging people to hell?

      This is the problem with you “Christians”. You let your “religion” divide or classify people based on their beliefs or actions. Don’t get me wrong. I am a believer of God as well. You are the one who is “dragging” people to believe what you say is absolute. You don’t have the right to label people “Satans”. They have achieved something in life. How about you? You achieved envy and slander. Grow up.

    • The Warrior 2403 says:

      what if they get corona

  7. 25k subs with no videos? says:

    MrBeast: *eats a gold pizza*

    Me: eating my cereal

  8. Alamorth says:

    I literally watched this while eating $1 bread

  9. JackDoesLife says:


  10. m x s h i i ♡ says:

    “Money cant buy you happiness”

    Me: *Well, you can buy food with money and food is my happiness soooo…. jokes on you!*

  11. Nuccet says:

    “We’re gonna shave some white truffle we have flown in from Italy”
    Next vid: Spending 24hrs in Corona Virus Quarantine

  12. 1 subscribers before 2022 S says:

    “I bet this will trigger him.”

    “D-do you have A1 steak sauce?”

    S T O P

  13. MrBeast says:

    Subscribe or I’ll drop kick you

  14. Super says:

    MrBeast: “Eats $76,000 pizza”
    Me: “Eats 99 cents cereal”

  15. 5K Subscribers Challenge says:

    Mr beast : “eats 70,000 $ pizza “

    Me:”compIains how expensive dominoes are”

  16. Shubhra Shukla says:

    Mrbeast: eats only meat
    Me being a vegetarian: jeez I saved some money today

  17. 500subscriberswithnovideos? says:

    MrBeast: It’s so good


  18. Rokty Gaming says:

    8:56 Did you see Chris’s T-Shirt speaking..

  19. lack of subscribers says:

    Imagine being mrbeasts child,

    Kid: can I have some money for the mall

    MrBeast: yeah here’s 10k is that enough.

  20. Anna- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    MrBeast: It’s so good


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